Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dollar Tree Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I had to show to you my dollar tree haul that I got today.

I went to a dollar tree that is in the other town by me that usually have stuff that my other dollar trees don't have. So I finally found the Chap ice lip balms and I got Cherry because I have one that I got from big lots that I like but its big to carry around. I will be doing a post on the size difference soon.
 Then I found two pair of sunglasses like the ones that Roxana sent me but in glitter purple and bright purple. I will probably give the pink ones to her because she been eyeing the pink ones lol.
 I also found two displays of 10 led colored flower lights so I got two because I been wanting them and at other stores they only had the leaves. I might have to go back and get more for other people if I like them.
I been wanting these containers that have chevron design on them and the other stores had then in pink, red and orange which are not my favorite colors. So when I saw the blue one, I had to get it. Don't know what I'm going to do with it but I always find something to put in it lol.
The last thing I got was a bag of potato chip that I thought was potato chip but I think it not it says its cassava? I have no clue but its french onion flavor by Wai Lana and its made in Sacramento, Ca. It has no gmo,or preservatives, free from cholesterol, artificial colors, wheat, soy, dairy and gluten. So good for me but that does not make me like them lol. But I willing to try something new. If I don't like them I'll give them to someone in my house hold or throw away. I'll give you an update.

I'm really happy with my dollar tree finds but still looking for the nose eyeglasses holder.

Here is the screen shot of what I'm talking about as a nose eyeglasses holder.
Its from 37divacici YouTube video Dollar tree haul.
If you like watching Dollar Tree hauls check out Roxana aka 37divacici channel :0)

What you think of my haul?

Until next time,

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