Thursday, July 3, 2014

99 cent and Dollar Tree Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
This a big 99 cent and dollar tree haul. I was on the hunt for supplies for my 4th of july bandanas flip flops.
I first went to the 99 cent store and got 4 pairs of flip flops that are usually $3.95 which was on the tag. Two white bandanas, 3 bling bling head band that was to pretty to pass up lol.

Then I went to two Dollar Trees. The first one I got a noodle board for my dog that likes the pool. Another container for my nail polish collection because I love the other one. I like it because the lid it attached so I can't loose it or brake it by stepping on it. They need make bigger ones like shoe size. Any ways I also got 3 two packs of red and blue bandanas for my flip flops. Then I saw the makeup and they had got more l.a. colors nail polish in and I had to get one in the color Lime Life which I don't have a neon green like this so in my basket it went lol. Then I saw that they got the L.A. colors lip colors that I saw on 37divacici youtube haul from dollar tree and I had to try it because Roxana said it was good lol. So I got one in the color Nectarine which is a pretty coral/orange color. I also this cute face mask so I got it too. I also found these lat two things when I was checking out and heard that these air fresheners you can us the bath and body works refiles for car in these. So I picked up two in Vanilla which is the cupcake and apple that is the Daisy. They are so cutie.

On my way home I decided to stop at one more dollar tree that most people don't know about because it just opened and its smaller than the other ones. I was so happy to find these hand sanitizers because I love owls and I wanted get one for bath and body works hand sanitizers I buy. I got cow for my mom. They had these on a end cap by the cash register. If you follow me on instergram @makeupjunkieandfangirl. I posted a pic of the three kinds they had.

I'm so happy I found most of things I was looking for. I still on the hunt for the nose holders for sunglasses and eye glasses that I saw on 37divacici haul. I might go to another dollar tree today or this weekend. I have like three dollar trees that I shop at in my area and they all have different stuff. Why? Dollar Tree? Why?

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If you like to see Dollar Tree hauls check out 36divacici on youtube.

Until next time,

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