Saturday, July 12, 2014

Big Lots Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you what I got at big lots. Today and tomorrow they having 20% off all items even clearance. So I wanted to show you what I got from two big lots stores.

I got this cool lantern that has stars on it to put my lights I bought at Dollar Tree. Ill post it on instergram @makeupjunkieandfangirl if you want to check it out. It was $10 and on clearance for $7 then 20% off it was $5.60. I also got three Cool gear cans which I have one I bought from Walmart last year that I love and wanted another one. So I got two the owl ones (only took pic of one) and a blue with hex shapes. They were $5.00 with 20% off so they where $4.00 each. I also found the 5 season of fringe and now I just need 4th season. It was $8.00 with 20% off it was $6.40. I got some foam mount tape which I was looking for and decided to get it because it was $1.50 with 20% off so it was $1.20. I also saw this nemo candle for .80 cents and thought I can put it on my birthday cake because next week is my birthday :0). So it was only .64 cents with 20% off.

At the other big lots I got two of bodycoloy fragrance mists in sugared candy apple and wild poppy which are the same scents of body cream I bought in my last Big Lots Haul. Except for the coconut lime twist which I did not like as a body mist so I just got those two. When I left the store I smelled like four different kind of scents lol. Am I the only one that test them out on before buying? They were $2.00 each with 20% off so they were $1.60 each. The last thing was from the other big lots but had no room to take picture with the rest. Also I could not wait to use it so its has my tea in it. Its a 20oz. double walled mason jar tumbler it was also $5.00 so with % off it was $4.00. I love collecting cups as you can see. Lol but two of the can cups is for other people. Its always good to have extra travel cups right? Lol

So if you love big lots like me you need to get you butt over there tomorrow to get your 20% off.

What do you think of my Big Lots haul?

Until next time,

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