Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Bandana Flip Flops

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you my 4th of July themed craft I did.I love wearing flip flops but I hate the cheep one that have the rubber straps so I look online for a DIY on a bandanas flip flop but could not find one on a DIY bandanas flip flop.
But I did find online from How she used fabric and I been wanting to do a bandana 4th of July version so I used her directions but used red, white, and blue bandanas which you can see the final products.

I cut up the two different colors bandanas in 4 strips and used measurement from the web side above. I used white and red bandanas for the blue flip flops and used the red and white for the white flip flops.
I used one strip of red and white or red and blue for one flip flop and followed directions on web site. I did not knot it like she did I twisted the two different color bandanas and then tied them on the top where it splits to go in the opposite holes.
If you like me to do a DIY on these let me know. If you can't wait use the web site I used above.
I'm really happy how these came out but it was a struggle to figure it out but when I got it was so easy. I will be wearing these around the pool because they are nice and comfy. I also made a few to give away. 
It's also cheap because I got the flip flops and bandanas at the 99 cent and Dollar Tree store. With one bandana you probably can do one pair of flip flops. Unlike me I used  two different colors. So it would be like $2.00 for one pair of flip flops.

What do you think of my 4th of July bandana flip flops?

Until next time,

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