Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dollar Tree Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I have two dollar tree hauls which it made the biggest I think yet.

The first dollar tree I found this cute owl notebook and four of the sassy + chic 3in1 nail art pens that I love. These ones are scent and they finally put the name of them on them which I'm so happy they did. The the scents I got watermelon, blueberry, cotton candy, and candy. I got them for the colors not the scent because I usually put top coat. Then I got some really cool push pins because they are neon and I love neon colors. I got lip smackers in Princes aurora from sleeping beauty which is in the scent spun sugar. I also got another cow hand sanitizer. I got another bottle of L.A. colors polish in the color sparkling diamonds because my other bottle is getting low. I also found one of the new L.A colors lip gloss in the color just kissed. I found the ed hardy lighters and had to get one which has a bull dog on it and dad got one with a eagle on it but I did not take picture of it.

I been seeing this had soap at dollar tree. I also saw 37divacici got some. She liked it so figured I would get one in the scent ocean fresh and it smells so good. I got a candle holder to put my candle I bought from TJ Maxx. I got some rainbow sprinkles because used up the other one I had. I put them on cupcake just to let you know :0). I also got two more of the garlic powder because I love to put it on everything lol not everything. I put it on veggies with oil and salt then put on grill or pan cook them. My little cousin loves it and alway want me to make them. She just turned 12 so if you have picky eaters try it :0). I also got some travel bottles because they aways brake and I need one. That all I got at one of my dollar trees I got to.

The second dollar tree I found nose eye glass holders that been looking for so I got two of the blue and green ones for me and a white one for my mom. I also found an apple cutting board to do a diy with that I found out about from 37divacici which you can use a glue gun and glue on the cutting to make a cleaning board for makeup brushes.

What do you think of my finds at the dollar tree?

Until next time,

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