Monday, April 28, 2014

How I fixed my broken eyeshadow

Hello my MJF followers,
I had this broken eye shadow that recently found in my makeup stash that forgot all about it. I put in a box so that the loose eyeshadow would not get every where. I still used it broken because I did not know how to fix it and was not willing to throw it away. 

Then I saw a pin on pinterest so I also looked on youtube too and I figured I give it a try myself.
So the things you need to fix it was rubbing alcohol, something to crush rest of eyeshadow so used a nail cuticle pusher and something to push out the rubbing alcohol once its been dry so I used a measuring cup from a cough medicine. You also would need some paper towels and q-tips too.

Here is the eyeshadow before I fix it:
Heaven Daisy Crazy Eyeshadow in Daisy Crazy
On the right is what the eyeshadow looks like after I crushed up the pieces of eye shadows with the nail cuticle pusher the round side.
On the right side is what it looks like after putting the Rubbing Alcohol in the eyeshadow and mixed to look like a paste.

After you let the eyeshadow dry for 1-2 hours so it not sticky to the touch. I used a paper towel and put it on top of the eyeshadow then the measuring cup to press down to get the Rubbing Alcohol out of the eyeshadow. Also to make it flat and not bumpy. I did that a couple of times until there was not more of that color on the paper towel as you can see in the photo above.

Here is what it looks like after getting the Rubbing Alcohol out with paper towel and the measuring cup. I used some water on a q-tip to clean off the rest loose powder on the sides and on the lid.
Then I waited over night for it to completely dry.

Here is a swatch of the eyeshadow the next day with out primer.
It so pigmented and so pretty! 
I'm so happy that I fixed it and you might be seeing it in my next smoky eye Friday look. :0)
So if you brake your eyeshadow you should save it not throw it away. Rubbing Alcohol does fix it like its never been broken or close to it.

This eyeshadow had a daisy design on it but when it broke I was so bummed but at least I can still use it.

Do you have a broken eyeshadow? If so did you try rubbing alcohol?

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

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Teal with Green Swirls and Dots Mani

Hello MJF followers,
I'm back with another nail art for nubs Monday mani.
This weeks nail art for nubs is a teal and green mani.
I have been love teals lately lol.

The products I used:

Jordana Calcium Basecoat
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Spare-A-Mint?
Unforgettable Moments Quick Dry Top Coat
Sassy+Chic 3n1 mail art pen no name (bright green)

I been wanting to wear my two Sugar coat polishes and I pick the teal color that I really like as you can see. I did not know what I was going to put on top and remembered that I just bought more colors in the 3n1 nail art pens so I decided to use the green one. I been wanting to try a swirl pattern and this is what my final product of that idea.

I actually really happy with how it came out. At first I hated it but after using it differently its really a nice product. I might have to get more of the 3n1 nail art pens when I see them at the dollar tree.

What do you think of this weeks mani?

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)
Don't forget to check out the other nail art for nubs this week.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Nail Polish Collection

Hello my MJF followers,
I have been wanting to show you my crazy nail polish collection.
I will not be listing every color because it would take to long. So I'm just going to tell you the brand in each container. If you want me to tell you what is my favorite brand or color I can do so in another post please let me know in comments thanks.
I been collection or buy nail polish since middle school I believe and as I have gotten older been buying more because I learned how to find expensive brands for cheaper prices.
All of my collection is either was bought by me or been given to me as a gift. I also won some nail polish and I will let you know which ones that I won.
I always loved painting my nails and I always have my toes and finger nails painted.
I have been trying to not buy nail polish but if I see a polish I don't have and/or limited edition and/or on sale I have to buy it. Recently I organized my nail polishes by brand but have not made of list of them yet. I used card board to separated the different polishes as you can see. I know I need to get more containers too, so that the polishes can sit right side up and just piled in a container. For now they are store like is below.
Ok lets get into my collection.
I'm going from left to right and top to bottom from each container.
In the first container on the left from the top is L.A. Colors Color Craze which I bought from Dollar Tree store because that's the only place I can find them. I only a few of these because of that. The bottom section as a verity of different brands because I have like 1-4 of each brand and had no need to separate them. So the brands I have in the section are N.Y.C, Island girl (I got from Hawaii), spoild all Jack Skellington polish from hot topic, nail polish that has no name, Broadway nails, mood swing from icing, Jordana Glitters from Kmart, Donna Michelle from dollar tree, Arissa from dollar tree, BC sorry label wore off got if from dollar tree, Wild and Crazy, pocttacco polish very old, kleancolor set I got at Ross would love to get more but no one sells them, and last polish I won is from Sonoma nail art and silly bee's chickadees.
The container on the right side on the top are a mix of a few brands that are newer than the last container. The brands are Covergirl outlast stay brilliant glosstinis the hunger games catching fire collection that I got on sale at Walgreen's and paid full price for one at walmart, OPI that I bought from big lots and target on sale, Revlon colorstay, Revlon scented old version, Loreal, and Julie G. On the bottom is Sinful Color polishes which I have a lot of because they always have them on sale for 99 cents at Walgreen's and when there not on sale they are only $1.99. I also got some from big lots for $1.
I have so much Avon nail polish I put it in one container that is on the left. I think I have the most nail polish in the Avon brand because there is so many types. I have the mirror shine, cosmic, speed dry +, urban splatter, opal, matte, glitter, nailwear pro +, nailwear pro, Speed dry + 30, speed dry, and change artist. All of these polishes I got from my mom the avon lady and most of them where on sale.
The container on the right have three brands of polishes the top section has wet n wild in a few different types and they are Mega Rocks, wild shine which are only 99 cent, Fergie ( only have one hollywood walk of fame), fast dry, fantasy makers, beauty benefits got at the dollar tree, rock solid which they need to bring back love the bottle is so pretty,crystalic which might be the oldest polish I own lol and still not dried out, and megalast that I did not like the brush size at first but begain to love it because you need less brush stokes to cover my nail. I also love the bottle of the Megalast because it looks more classy to me.
The middle section has Sally Hansen and I have a lot of different types too. I have intra-dri, magnetic, mega shine top coat, diamond strength,sugar coat I only have two ( I don't know how I feel about the sugar coat might have to do a mani with them), hard as nails, hard as nails xtreme wear (my favorite color that I had to re buy was Celeb City and I would be really mad if they discontinue this color), Crackle over coat (there pretty but I don't know about crackle. I might to try to use them in a mani), Fuzzy Coat (got only one because I don't know how I feel about like crackle and my friend Kelly got it for me for my birthday last year might have to try it again), and nail prisms (only have two but love them do they still make them? Please let me know might to try some different colors).
The last section in this container is Pure Ice which I love and buy them from walmart but its hard to pick one that does not look like the other polishes I have so don't too many. I buy mostly there glitter type polishes but they are not named any different like Avon, sally hansens, wet n wild, and etc. They also not to expensive I think there like $1.95 or something like that. I like that they have a lot of different colors and limited editions.
In this makeup bag there are three different polishes and pouches. The top pouch has milani polishes which I got from dollar store and on sale from Kmart and cvs. I have the regular polish, 3d holographic, one coat glitter. The middle pouch has Sephora by OPI which I bought at big lots. There is mostly glitter toppers and one nail color. The last pouch has Maybelline New York color show polishes in few different types denims, sequins, metallics, polka dots which my friend Kelly got me for Christmas, and brocades.
The last container has all of my nail art pens and polishes as well as my base coat by Jordana in calcium boost, top coats by jordana in the quick dry in 60 second dry, super dry (I got from dollar tree and its seche vite on card board package), Unforgettable Moments quick dry top coat, and NYC in a new york minute quick dry grand central station (I used as top coat). They are under the nail art pens in the picture.
In is small container it has my Sally Hansen nail art pens, sassy+chic 3n1 nail art pen, L.A. Color art decos, Sinful Colors nail art, nail art by diamond cosmetics, nail art nail polish I got at Ross set, milani nail art with precision brush, Avon nail art enamel (don't like brush its not as thin as the other nail art polishes I have.),  Jordana pop art (only have two and one dried up :0( ) I also some no name mini polishes too.
That's all of my nail polishes I have so far in my collection.
This was so long and I think it was way longer than I thought it would be when I started and I did not tell you all of the colors I have lol.
I think this was really good for me to look at my polish and pull out some polishes. 
I forgot about and might like to try again.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my nail polish collection.
Like I said before if you like me to do a blog post on what my favorite polishes are let me know.
Also what is your favorite nail polish? And if I should try it?

Until next time.
Happy Shopping and Enjoy the show. :0)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Rite Aid and Dollar Tree Store Hauls

Hello MJF followers,
I have two hauls from Rite Aid and Dollar Tree.
I was really bad this week because I got some more nail polish which you all know I have too much of. I might have to show my followers my collection some day lol.

I went to Rite Aid to get the new Limited Edition Julie g nail polishes but they did not have them but I did see the Rimmel London Limited Edition Sweetie Crush polish so had to get some.
So I got two the Blueberry Whizz and Fizzy Applelicious they where $2.25 each. There are 3 other colors in the collection. If I like these I might go get more colors. I have not tried any of the Rimmel London polishes before so I will get back to you if I like them.

Then I went to another Rite Aid with my mom and they had the new Limited Edition Julie G 
Cruise Summer collection. I wanted all of them but just got three from the collection of six.
The colors I got was Santorini (pale blue with silver micro glitter), Tahiti (mint green with blue micro glitter), and Old San Juan (cream Tangerine). They were $3.99 each and my mom was nice and bought them for me. I ♡ u mom :0).

The last things I got was from the Dollar Tree. I got three of the L.A. Colors Art Deco in Flamingo (bright orange pink), Black, and White. I ran out of my other art deco in black and needed a new one as well as a white for back up because the Avon art polish is getting low. They where a $1.00 each.

I can't wait to try out all of my new polishes there so pretty.

Have you tried any of these polishes I got and what did you think of them?

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

Marshalls Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I have a small Marshalls haul.
I went to Marshalls to find a perfume to wear everyday and that is a good summer time scent.
I really don't wear perfume and I don't have many.
When I saw this perfume box I had to get it but I did google it to see if it was a perfume that I would like.

When I googled it there was a lot of good reviews on it. It showed the picture of the bottle and I had to have it because its so pretty.

Online it said that the fragrance Rock Me! Summer of Love opens with bergamot, aquatic hyssop and geranium. A heart blooms with freesia, water lily and white peach, while a base encompasses musky rose, sandalwood and ambergris. 

Anna Sui Rock me! Summer of love was on sale for $10.00 that right $10 bucks so I figured I would give it a try. Its retail price is $52.00. 

I really do like the smell its floral but fruity and I can smell the peach which I love smell of peach. Its not an over whelming scent which is good. It does not make me sneeze either. I think I will be wearing this perfume a lot this summer.

What do you think of my haul? Do you have this perfume?
Until next time.
Happy Shopping and enjoy the show.

Teal and Brown Smoky Eye

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with another smoky eye look for smoky eye Friday.
I know I did a teal/blue smoky look last week but been loving teal colors.
This week I used one of my favorite eye shadow color from Sephora.

The products I used:
E.L.F eyelid primer pearl
Avon big color eye pencil vanilla
Sephora eyeshadow fame and fortune Nº43
Mark. Star status eyeshadow palette earth angle
Wet n Wild eyeshadow single Brulee
E.L.F liquid eyeliner black

I really love the Sephora eyeshadow in fame and fortune Nº 43 the color is so pretty the only thing it has a lot of glitter fall out which is a bummer. That is why I used the Avon big color eye pencil in vanilla as base for it to stick to. The next day there is still glitter all over from wearing it lol.
I'm also really liking my mark shadow palette its much better than the Sephora in its more better in texture and does not have as much fall out as the Sephora eye shadow.
This time I just used the lightist brown color from the mark palette it was lights brown.

What do you think of my smoky eye look this week?

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show ;0)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Target Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with another Target Haul.
 I've been wanting to get the Despicable me 2 on blu ray and DVD but was waiting for it to go on sale. It finally went on sale for $13.00 so I used the gift card that my best friend Nicole got me for Christmas.
I also got E.L.F's new pearl eyelid primer for a $1.00 because I really like the other E.L.F eyelid primer. So I thought I would give it a try.
Thanks Nicole for my gift card.

I'm really happy I got my movie on sale and got the new e.l.f. primer.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show. :0)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Themed Mani 2014

Hello my MJF followers,
I hope everyone had a nice Easter yesterday.
I'm back with another nail art for nubs Monday. 
This weeks mani is an Easter themed mani as you can see.

with flash

Without flash
The products I used:

Nail polish:
Milani nail art: Black Sketch
Avon nail art: Delicate White
L.A Color Art Deco: baby pink
Nyc: Skyline blue
Wet n Wild: LE Candid Affair
Sally Hansen: Perfect Pear-ing
Jordana: Calcium Boost basecoat
Unforgettable Moments Quick Dry Top Coat

Nail art tools:
Avon dual ended dotting tool
Avon dual ended Brush and dotting tool

For this weeks nail art I used pastels because I wanted use my new Wet n Wild polish.
 I also thought it would be perfect for Easter.
I'm really happy how my Easter mani came out for my first time doing a Easter mani ever but kinda bummed that the white rabbit turn a little yellow because I put it on top that pastel green nail polish. 

I so happy I bought Wet n Wild Candid Affair its a really pretty purple which I don't have in my collection. Also the purple color reminds me of Sulley's spots from Monsters, inc.
 I might have to do a monsters, inc. mani in the future. ;0)

What do you think of my mani this week ?

Also don't forget to check out the other nail art for nubs mani's this week.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Walgreens Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with a small Walgreens haul.
After seeing bloggers and vloggers loving this color I had to get it. I already got one of the Wet n Wild LE spring polishes in silver lining which I have not used yet but is on my list to use lol. I got Candid Affair for $1.49 which was on sale. 

The last thing I got in this haul is the LE spider man 2 Revlon super lustrous lip gloss in the color electro-shock. I also seen bloggers and vloggers raving about this lip gloss when I saw it I had to have it. In store it was so pretty then the pictures. I'm not a big fan of spider man but I did like the last one better than the series with Tobey Maguire. When I went to pay for it I was kinda shocked that it was $8.49 because the nail polish was less but they had $1.00 off coupon so it was $8.23 with tax. It was still the most I payed for a lip gloss but because it was a LE and so pretty I got it anyways.

I can't wait to try the two things I got. I know its not much but I'm happy with what I got.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

99 cent and Dallor Tree Store Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with another haul from 99 cent store and the dollar tree store.
I two of the Chap Stick in the flavor raspberry creme because I love the green apple flavor and I always loose them or they go through the was so I figured if I like the flavor I had a backup.

At the dollar tree store I got two more of the 3n1 nail art pens like the gold one I have in a green and pink. They don't have names for the colors which sucks.

I did use one of the chap sticks in the raspberry creme flavor and I really like it so I'm happy I got a spare :0)
I can't wait to try out my new 3n1 nail art pens. I see a nail art for nubs mani in the future.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

Forever 21 and Target Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
Last weekend I went to the mall with my mom to get a present for someones birthday.
So of course I found something I wanted also.
We went into forever 21 and I got a few things. The first thing I got was gold chain with pastel color hair wrap for your ponytail or for bracelet for $2.80. I also got three pairs of socks that have a Boston terrier and hearts on it. I had to get all three colors because I have a Boston terrier and they where only $1.50 each. And you know I love socks lol.
The last thing I got at Forever 21 was a tinted lip balm called sheer lip color by love & beauty by forever 21 in color coral it was only 99 cents it was $3.80.

Then we went to Target and I got the Don Knotts Reluctant hero pack which has 4 movies for $9.99 is has the ghost and Mr. Chicken, the reluctant astronaut, the shakiest gun in the west, and the love god?. I got it because I really like the ghost and Mr.chicken and wanted to see the other Don Knotts movies.I also got e.l.f waterproof eyeliner pen for $2.00 because I have not tried this eyeliner before and I like the liquid eyeliner.

I tried everything I bought and I like all of them, excepted for the tinted lip balm is not tinted at all and the elf waterproof eyeliner pen which I still trying out to see if my feeling change about it.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

Big Lots and Walgreens Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with a Big Lots and Walgreens haul that I bought a while ago.

At big lots I got two lip products from cover girl. The first lip produce is covergirls lipslicks tinted lip balm in bronze goddess which I use to were in high school and still have it but it similar in color but different. It was $2.20 and the regular price is around $5 which is a really good deal.
The next lip product I got was Covergirl wetslicks fruit spritzers in caramel apple splash for $2.00 and they are regularly priced around $5 or $6 which is also a really good price. I have two there flavors too.
The last thing I got was some st.patty day socks if you know me I love socks so for .75 cents I said what the heck and got them too.

I went to Walgreens because I had to return a movie to redbox.
 I decided to look at makeup and saw that they put the LE covergirl nail polish from hunger games catching fire movie. I told you last time when I bought scalding emerald that it was too much for a small bottle of polish when I saw that they were on sale for $1.80.
I had buy the other colors that I wanted to buy. So I got three more for about $6 which is how much I payed for one bottle at walmart when they first came out.
 The colors I got was black heat, violet flicker and seared bronze.

I really like my covergirl lip products and the socks I bought.
I can't wait to try the nail polish I got too.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

Teal/Blue and Brown Smoky Eye

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with another smoky eye Friday look.
This weeks smoky eye is a teal/blue and brown smoky eye as you can see.

The products I used for this look:
Sephora: Perfecting eye primer
Avon big color eye pencil: aquamarine (base color on eye lid only)
I mark eyeshadow: Pool (eye lid)
Wet n Wild single eye shadow: Brulee (brow bone)
E.L.F: liquid eye liner black
Mark star status eyeshadow palette: earth angle ( crease first one from the left and outer v second from the left)

The colors I used from the Mark palette marked by a skull below :
Mark star status eyeshadow palette: earth angle

A couple of weeks ago, I bought some organizers for my makeup I found a i mark custom pick eye shadow duo that I must of bought a long time ago and was afraid to use this teal/blue color called pool. 
When I found it again I thought be perfect to put over my favorite Avon big color eye pencil in aquamarine and then I thought what color would go with it and I wanted to use my new mark palette. 
It came together like it was meant to be and I love this color combo of teal/blue and browns.
This is going to be my new spring/summer look when I have no idea what to wear and want something with a pop of color.

What do you thing of my smokey eye look this week?

also don't forget to check out the other smoky eye looks this week.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Smiley360 mission/Review: Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Deep Clean Battery Toothbrush and Tooth paste

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with a review of the free Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Deep Clean Battery Toothbrush and Tooth paste that I got from
I have been using these two products for 5 days now.
Here what they look like:

The Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Deep Clean Battery Toothbrush does what it says.
It has long bristles and short bristles in the brush head so the long bristles get into tight spaces like between your teeth to get all that plaque.
It claims that it removes 100% more plaque which might be true with long bristles.
The head it easy to remove which is a plus when you have to remove it for a new head.
The bristles changes color when you need to change the head which it a good thing because I don't remember when the last time I change my brush head.
It has replaceable batteries which another good thing.
I also like how there is indents in the handle so your hand fits comfortably.

The new Arm and Hammer Truly Radiant tooth paste in the whitening & Enamel Strengthening in fresh mint flavor.
It clams that you get a Radiant Smile in just 5 days.
I tried it for 5 days and my teeth do not look whiter at all. So it does not work on my teeth at all. 
It also clams that it removes stains, improve enamel strength, and restore gloss and luster.
It did not remove my stains on my teeth but I don't know if it improve my enamel or gloss.
It also clams that its deep cleaning which might be true because my mouth feels cleaner but it might be the Deep Clean Battery Toothbrush too.
It also says that Arm & Hammer truly radiant toothpaste is the only toothpaste with baking soda, peroxide and active calcium.
I can tell by the taste that it had baking soda in it which I did not like. They should of made the mint flavor to cover that gross taste.

So after trying the New Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant spinbrush and toothpase, my opione is that I really like the spinbrush and if I did not got it for free I would of bought it.
The toothpaste on the other hand I was not a fan of but some people might like the baking soda type toothpaste but if you don't like me stay away lol.

If you like to try a sample yourself go to or here is a free coupon

If you do get a sample of the toothpaste let me know if you like it or not.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Avon Collective Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with a few things I got from Avon from two separate orders.

The first Avon order I got a Avon nail pro nail polish in Green Goddess on sale for $1.99 originally $6 and the Mark Star Status Eye Shadow Palette On sale for $8.99 originally $14.

The second order I got two of my favorite roll on deodorant: Avon skin so soft in signature silk. I use to order a different scent but they discontinued it :0( They were 99 cent each.
I got Avon naturals shower gel in the scent juicy peach blossom on sale for $1.69 originally $6. I really like Avon's shower gels they have so many different scents to choose from. I'm loving the big color pencils so I had to get another one in the color lavender mist for $3.99 originally $7. The last thing I got was a Avon's glow Marbleized baked bronzer in beach glow for $6.99 originally $9. It looks really close to the milani baked bronzers but I don't have any of them to compare to.

I can't wait to try all of my new makeup from Avon. The only thing I was bummed about how small the mark eyeshadow palette was :0(.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show.

Green and Purple Rose Mani

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with another mani for nail art for nubs Monday's. 
This weeks mani I wanted to try doing roses on my nails for the first time.

 Here is the result:
with flash

without flash indoor lighting

The products I used:

Jordana calcium boost base coat
NYC grand Central station as top coat
Sally Hansen Purple Potion
Sally Hansen Perfect Pear-ing
Avon dual ended brush and dotting tool

After finishing this rose design I was not liking how big the roses were but the colors looked good together. I might try to doing roses again with a brush instead of the dotting tool or maybe a smaller dotting tool. I was not in love with this mani this week, it was just was ok to me. 

What do you think of it?

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Freeflys free samples

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with what free samples I got this week in the mail from

The first thing I got was a sample of the new Garnier Clean balancing daily exfoliator for combination skin. 

The next sample I got was from Shu Uemura of there the lightbulb foundation in two shades : Neutral undertone and yellow undertone.

The last sample I got was from Jergens and its there new BB body lotion for all light skin tones. I was really happy that I got a full size sample to try.

I can't wait to try all these samples I got this week and might do some reviews on these products.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show.

Olive Green and Brown Smoky Eye

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with another smoky eye for smoky eye Friday. 
This time I did an olive green and brown smoky eye.
Yet again I used my Wet N Wild palette in Comfort Zone for this eye look and I'm really liking their eye shadow palettes.

The products I used for this smoky eye:

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Palette Comfort Zone
Avon Big Color eye Shadow Pencil Vanilla
E.L.F liquid eye liner black
Sephora perfecting Eye primer

The eye shadows I used are marked by the skull(s) below:

I'm really liking the Wet N Wild eyeshadow palettes I got so far. I might have to try more of the Wet N Wild eyeshadow palettes.
I'm really happy with this smoky eye look this week and can't wait to see what other eye looks I can do with this palette.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

Also don't forget to check out the other smoky eye looks this week.