Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Nail Polish Collection

Hello my MJF followers,
I have been wanting to show you my crazy nail polish collection.
I will not be listing every color because it would take to long. So I'm just going to tell you the brand in each container. If you want me to tell you what is my favorite brand or color I can do so in another post please let me know in comments thanks.
I been collection or buy nail polish since middle school I believe and as I have gotten older been buying more because I learned how to find expensive brands for cheaper prices.
All of my collection is either was bought by me or been given to me as a gift. I also won some nail polish and I will let you know which ones that I won.
I always loved painting my nails and I always have my toes and finger nails painted.
I have been trying to not buy nail polish but if I see a polish I don't have and/or limited edition and/or on sale I have to buy it. Recently I organized my nail polishes by brand but have not made of list of them yet. I used card board to separated the different polishes as you can see. I know I need to get more containers too, so that the polishes can sit right side up and just piled in a container. For now they are store like is below.
Ok lets get into my collection.
I'm going from left to right and top to bottom from each container.
In the first container on the left from the top is L.A. Colors Color Craze which I bought from Dollar Tree store because that's the only place I can find them. I only a few of these because of that. The bottom section as a verity of different brands because I have like 1-4 of each brand and had no need to separate them. So the brands I have in the section are N.Y.C, Island girl (I got from Hawaii), spoild all Jack Skellington polish from hot topic, nail polish that has no name, Broadway nails, mood swing from icing, Jordana Glitters from Kmart, Donna Michelle from dollar tree, Arissa from dollar tree, BC sorry label wore off got if from dollar tree, Wild and Crazy, pocttacco polish very old, kleancolor set I got at Ross would love to get more but no one sells them, and last polish I won is from Sonoma nail art and silly bee's chickadees.
The container on the right side on the top are a mix of a few brands that are newer than the last container. The brands are Covergirl outlast stay brilliant glosstinis the hunger games catching fire collection that I got on sale at Walgreen's and paid full price for one at walmart, OPI that I bought from big lots and target on sale, Revlon colorstay, Revlon scented old version, Loreal, and Julie G. On the bottom is Sinful Color polishes which I have a lot of because they always have them on sale for 99 cents at Walgreen's and when there not on sale they are only $1.99. I also got some from big lots for $1.
I have so much Avon nail polish I put it in one container that is on the left. I think I have the most nail polish in the Avon brand because there is so many types. I have the mirror shine, cosmic, speed dry +, urban splatter, opal, matte, glitter, nailwear pro +, nailwear pro, Speed dry + 30, speed dry, and change artist. All of these polishes I got from my mom the avon lady and most of them where on sale.
The container on the right have three brands of polishes the top section has wet n wild in a few different types and they are Mega Rocks, wild shine which are only 99 cent, Fergie ( only have one hollywood walk of fame), fast dry, fantasy makers, beauty benefits got at the dollar tree, rock solid which they need to bring back love the bottle is so pretty,crystalic which might be the oldest polish I own lol and still not dried out, and megalast that I did not like the brush size at first but begain to love it because you need less brush stokes to cover my nail. I also love the bottle of the Megalast because it looks more classy to me.
The middle section has Sally Hansen and I have a lot of different types too. I have intra-dri, magnetic, mega shine top coat, diamond strength,sugar coat I only have two ( I don't know how I feel about the sugar coat might have to do a mani with them), hard as nails, hard as nails xtreme wear (my favorite color that I had to re buy was Celeb City and I would be really mad if they discontinue this color), Crackle over coat (there pretty but I don't know about crackle. I might to try to use them in a mani), Fuzzy Coat (got only one because I don't know how I feel about like crackle and my friend Kelly got it for me for my birthday last year might have to try it again), and nail prisms (only have two but love them do they still make them? Please let me know might to try some different colors).
The last section in this container is Pure Ice which I love and buy them from walmart but its hard to pick one that does not look like the other polishes I have so don't too many. I buy mostly there glitter type polishes but they are not named any different like Avon, sally hansens, wet n wild, and etc. They also not to expensive I think there like $1.95 or something like that. I like that they have a lot of different colors and limited editions.
In this makeup bag there are three different polishes and pouches. The top pouch has milani polishes which I got from dollar store and on sale from Kmart and cvs. I have the regular polish, 3d holographic, one coat glitter. The middle pouch has Sephora by OPI which I bought at big lots. There is mostly glitter toppers and one nail color. The last pouch has Maybelline New York color show polishes in few different types denims, sequins, metallics, polka dots which my friend Kelly got me for Christmas, and brocades.
The last container has all of my nail art pens and polishes as well as my base coat by Jordana in calcium boost, top coats by jordana in the quick dry in 60 second dry, super dry (I got from dollar tree and its seche vite on card board package), Unforgettable Moments quick dry top coat, and NYC in a new york minute quick dry grand central station (I used as top coat). They are under the nail art pens in the picture.
In is small container it has my Sally Hansen nail art pens, sassy+chic 3n1 nail art pen, L.A. Color art decos, Sinful Colors nail art, nail art by diamond cosmetics, nail art nail polish I got at Ross set, milani nail art with precision brush, Avon nail art enamel (don't like brush its not as thin as the other nail art polishes I have.),  Jordana pop art (only have two and one dried up :0( ) I also some no name mini polishes too.
That's all of my nail polishes I have so far in my collection.
This was so long and I think it was way longer than I thought it would be when I started and I did not tell you all of the colors I have lol.
I think this was really good for me to look at my polish and pull out some polishes. 
I forgot about and might like to try again.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my nail polish collection.
Like I said before if you like me to do a blog post on what my favorite polishes are let me know.
Also what is your favorite nail polish? And if I should try it?

Until next time.
Happy Shopping and Enjoy the show. :0)

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