Friday, April 18, 2014

Big Lots and Walgreens Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with a Big Lots and Walgreens haul that I bought a while ago.

At big lots I got two lip products from cover girl. The first lip produce is covergirls lipslicks tinted lip balm in bronze goddess which I use to were in high school and still have it but it similar in color but different. It was $2.20 and the regular price is around $5 which is a really good deal.
The next lip product I got was Covergirl wetslicks fruit spritzers in caramel apple splash for $2.00 and they are regularly priced around $5 or $6 which is also a really good price. I have two there flavors too.
The last thing I got was some st.patty day socks if you know me I love socks so for .75 cents I said what the heck and got them too.

I went to Walgreens because I had to return a movie to redbox.
 I decided to look at makeup and saw that they put the LE covergirl nail polish from hunger games catching fire movie. I told you last time when I bought scalding emerald that it was too much for a small bottle of polish when I saw that they were on sale for $1.80.
I had buy the other colors that I wanted to buy. So I got three more for about $6 which is how much I payed for one bottle at walmart when they first came out.
 The colors I got was black heat, violet flicker and seared bronze.

I really like my covergirl lip products and the socks I bought.
I can't wait to try the nail polish I got too.

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

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