Friday, April 25, 2014

Rite Aid and Dollar Tree Store Hauls

Hello MJF followers,
I have two hauls from Rite Aid and Dollar Tree.
I was really bad this week because I got some more nail polish which you all know I have too much of. I might have to show my followers my collection some day lol.

I went to Rite Aid to get the new Limited Edition Julie g nail polishes but they did not have them but I did see the Rimmel London Limited Edition Sweetie Crush polish so had to get some.
So I got two the Blueberry Whizz and Fizzy Applelicious they where $2.25 each. There are 3 other colors in the collection. If I like these I might go get more colors. I have not tried any of the Rimmel London polishes before so I will get back to you if I like them.

Then I went to another Rite Aid with my mom and they had the new Limited Edition Julie G 
Cruise Summer collection. I wanted all of them but just got three from the collection of six.
The colors I got was Santorini (pale blue with silver micro glitter), Tahiti (mint green with blue micro glitter), and Old San Juan (cream Tangerine). They were $3.99 each and my mom was nice and bought them for me. I ♡ u mom :0).

The last things I got was from the Dollar Tree. I got three of the L.A. Colors Art Deco in Flamingo (bright orange pink), Black, and White. I ran out of my other art deco in black and needed a new one as well as a white for back up because the Avon art polish is getting low. They where a $1.00 each.

I can't wait to try out all of my new polishes there so pretty.

Have you tried any of these polishes I got and what did you think of them?

Until next time.
Happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

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