Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Birthday Weekend Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back to show you what bought on my birthday weekend last week.
My birthday was July 20th and for my birthday I went shopping lol.
On Saturday I went to the Vacaville Premium Outlet with my mom and dad.
I did not buy much at the outlets but I did buy from two stores.

I love crocs  and own many different kinds and colors, so I was happy to buy some more at the crocs outlets. They had so many shoes I want but I only got two. I have a purple/Dahlia pair of  Crocband Flips which I got at Marshals before summer and loved so I when I saw they had them in different colors decided to get two more. The colors I got are Lime/bright green and Electic blue. They were $19.99 each and regularly $27.99 each. I saved $8 each, nice :0).

The other store I bought from was the Jelly Belly Outlet Store. I got a bag of orange soda jelly beans for .50 cents. I  also got a bag of Coconut jelly bean dip in chocolate which are so good. They also gave me some mini assorted flavors jelly beans for free.

After shopping at the Outlets we went to Walmart.

At Walmart they had Disney frozen T-shirts and I had to get this one with Olaf. It was $7.50 which a good price for a Disney item.

Then on my Birthday it was rain which is really weird because it never rains on my birthday.
I saw that E.L.F put out another princess collection at Walgreen and the princess is Snow White. I went to Walgreens but had no luck :0(.

I did get some nail polishes that been on my list to buy. I bought the last one of the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in old formula in the color Pacific Blue which I don't have in my collection. Ever since I heard about the uproar about them changing the formula and keeping name the same. I decided I better get a bottle. All of Sally Hansen was on sale for $2.49 they regularly priced at $3.15. I got a bottle of Sally Hansen Complete salon manicure in the color Debu Tint for $1.99 on sale. They are usually $7.99. The last polish I got was Sinful Colors in Endless Blue which I heard was a dupe for Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue. I don't know because they look slightly different in the bottles but you can't tell from my photo. I will check it out and get back to you on that.

All in all I had an nice birthday and excited to wear and try all of stuff I got :0).

Until next time,

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