Thursday, March 17, 2016

San Diego Trip 2016: The shop Welks Resort,Tienda de reyes and Tokyo Central Hauls

Hello my MJF followers/friends,
I have another San Diego trip hauls. This time the hauls are three different stores. So lets get into what I got right!?

We stay at the Welks Resort which was really nice and the had a little shop called The shop Welks Resort. So I decided to look around found this  Los Angeles licences plate mug $14.00 + 50%off . I thought is was cute and got it.

while we're at Old town Sand Diego I went in to Tienda de reyes and saw these cute Leather bracelets for $8.99.  This flower one was my favorite so I got it.

After visiting Old Town San Diego we were driving back to condo and I saw this store called Tokyo Central and had to check it out. They had a lot of cool japan items but they were pretty pricey but I find some things that was not to much. I found more of the Meiji hello panda in double choco flavor for $.98 each. I also saw the larger versions of these cookies in the picture below which I was temped to buy but bought the smaller ones because I bought enough of the from Daiso too. I also got these Naisture 15 min mask in fresh aloe, brightening arbutin and 2- elastic Q10 for $.98 each to try out.

9.1 oz Meiji Hello Panda

I hope you enjoyed my hauls and keep an eye out for the rest of my San Diego hauls to come.

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