Monday, March 14, 2016

San Diego Trip 2016: Daiso Japan Hauls

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I'm here to show you my big Daiso Hauls. I went on a trip to San Diego last week. Since I been wanting to go to daiso and there is no one close to where I live. I told my dad about the store and he know how much I've been wanting to go to a daiso store so we went to two of them one in LA and one in San Diego. When we got to each store he said get your own basket (that means he would pay for it all) so I went a little crazy. My dad is the best just saying. Oh also everything at Daiso is $1.50 unless marked higher on the package.

In this haul I got some dog toys for my doggies so I got Dental toy make noise steering wheel shape, 2 Dog's stuffed toy bone: animal pattern. I also got more KleanColor Nail Lacquer :103 TLC, 24 Bikini Green, 142 Pastel Teal, 136 Holo Green, 135 Holo Blue, 34 Sparkle Emerald, 32 Peaceful Heart, and I got another bottle of 119 Leaves Jingle which I love.

Here is close up of these nail polishes in this Daiso Japan Nail Polish haul:

I also picked up some eyeliners to try out which are KleanColor Hardcore liquid eyeliner 1 black
and KleanColor Beauty Garden waterproof liquid 1 black.

I also got this Feminine French box white to put my perfume in like thinkpinkdazes does on youtube. I saw this cute Disney Laundry net to put you bras in while you wash them and thought I give it a try. I also picked up some snacks to try out and also favorites. I got the  Meiji lucky stick which I just tried out and they were ok. I also got my favorite where are the Meiji hello panda chocolate. 

This is my  second Daiso Haul which I also found a lot of goodies that I could not pass up. 
I got another one of the Disney Laundry net Minnie mouse in case I need more than one for my bras. I also got 2 Body wash towels to try out. I got a Pet water for the cat. I also got 3 suit case belts which I was looking for because I had the orange one and when I went to Hawaii it got lost on the plane or they stole it. So I 3 in case it happens again or brakes. I got this Two part shelf  for my bath room shower and works really well. It has not fallen off the side of the tube yet so that's a good sign and it holds a lot of stuff.

I got a Pedicure pad which looks kinda weird but I thought I would give it a shot. I need some new eye brow scissors so I got these Cuticle cap scissors which says on back you can use for eye brows too. I thought I would give this Gel nail bush a try for manicure clean up. I also got this pretty Stone Deco touch pen. I thought this Hair pin with mirror case set with Bobby pins was really cute which I had to have. I got this Pore care pack natural charcoal to try out. I also got this pretty Rose mug cover to put over my cups that don't have lids.

I saw these Mult purpose container with 4 holes and 6 holes which I thought be good for my earrings and maybe my nail art glitters/gems. I saw these Tropical pineapple marshmallows  which look interesting to me so I figured I give them try. They were $2.00. I also got 2 of the Lotte Toppo which I never tried before and gave one to my brother. I also picked up some Hi-chew in cherry which I never tried before either. The last thing I got was these Earphone cable holder which are so cute because they look like donuts.

After going to one Daiso my dad was happy to go to another one. Like me he likes to go 99 cents only and dollar tree stores. He found a lot of cool stuff too. 

I hope they put one in my area because my dad and I would probably be there as much as 99 cents store and Dollar tree just saying. Because I was the one that got my dad shopping at dollar tree and 99 cents only from watching youtube videos lol.

Well anyways, I hope you enjoyed my Daiso Japan hauls.

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