Monday, March 14, 2016

Marshalls Collective Hauls

Hello my MJF followers/friends,

I'm here with a few Marshalls hauls. I really like Marshalls but the one by me don't always get the things I see on instagram and most of there makeup items are trashed. Any ways, lets get into what I found.

Since I've been trying to try more masks and looking through the clearance items I found Forever Young by Jean Pierre in Calming Coconut and Glowing Orange masks for $3.50 on clearance each box of 5 which is a really good deal. I also found a few face brush on clearance so I got Macbeth Collection all over powder brush on clearance for  $4.50 and Beauty Concepts Powder Brush for $2.99.

I also found the men's Reef Zen brown Flip Flops on clearance for  $12.00 and I found them online for $38.00. I don't care if they're men's because there brown and will be nice wear during the summer.

In this haul I found this Silver metal stand with crystals that was $12.99 then marked down to $10.00 missing parts but that's ok because I was going to use it for a candle holder and you will not see the back. I might get some different crystals later. I also got this Chantal Ghost was $3.99 now $.70 and could not pass it up because its so cute. I put it on my side table to hold my hand lotions for now.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I found at my Marshalls. I would love to know what you found are yours. If you like to comment below.

Keep Shining Like The Star That You Are!

Until next time,

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