Monday, March 7, 2016

Cotton Candy and Pink Ansen Mani

Hello my MJF followers,
I have another mani for Mani Monday. This weeks mani was me going out of my color comfort zone. You might notice that I wear many blues, blacks, greens, and lately purples. So this week I decided to try a pink nail polish.

flash outside lighting

flash indoor lighting

No flash with outside lighting
Products I used:
Revlon ColorStay Base Coat 
Orly Cotton Candy
Sinful Colors Pink Ansen
Milani Quick Shine Top Coat 

I picked out a salmon pink color called Cotton Candy which would look nice with my skin tone. When I think Cotton Candy I think of a more red tone color not orange like this one. This polish does not match its name any ways. I decided to top it with Pink Ansen which made it more a bubble gum pink which you can't see in the pictures. I really liked without Pink Ansen but since Cotton Candy was so streaky so I had to put something on top. I think Cotton Candy has a bad formula or needs a white base to fix the streakiness. I'm not really liking this combo but I did try a color that is not in my comfort zone. I do not recommended Orly Cotton Candy but I do love Sinful Colors Pink Ansen which is a pretty iridescent glitter with blue shifts and might look pretty over a different color.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Mani Monday even though I was not a fan of it but there might be someone else out there that loves it.

Keep Shining Like The Star That You Are!

Until next time,

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