Friday, March 4, 2016

Sally Beauty Supply, Old Navy and Walmart Hauls

Hello my MJF follower/friends,
I have a few little hauls that I decided to put together. 

I went to Sally beauty supply to get some nail polish thinner because I have few polishes that needs to be thinned out. So I also looked at the clearance items and found a few nail polishes I had to get. This first one was on my list to buy and I was not willing to spend full price so I was happy to find Opi My Gecko Does Tricks $3.69  and I had a coupon for 20% off so it was $2.95 and original $9.50. I also saw Orly Frenemy which was $2.49 and with coupon $1.99 and original  $8.50. I also got China Glaze mini Turned up Turquoise for $1.29 with coupon it was $1.03. The last thing I got was Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner 4 oz bottle for $4.79 with 20% off it was $3.83.

Since Old Navy was by Sally Beauty Supply I went in to see if they had anything on clearance that I had to have and I found this Womens Cocoon Cardigans sweater in Navy on clearance for $7.97 was $36.94.

I also stopped in to Walmart to look around and found more of the Walnut Avenue 719 candles and had to get two of the Caribbean Villa each $4.93. They smell tropical fruits and coconut which I love. I loved the Tihi Colada scent from while ago and have not seen it at my Walmart. These get sold out fast because they are as good a bath and body works candles. 

I hope you enjoyed my hauls.

Keep Shining Like The Star That You Are!

Until next time,

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