Friday, March 18, 2016

Pinchme Box #20

Hello my MJF followers/friends,
I have another pinchme box of sample to share with you.

In this box I got:
Beyond Grain Free White Meat Chicken Egg Recipe Dry Dog Food
GOLD BOND Ultimate Strength & Resilience Lotion
Purely Fancy Feast Natural Tender Tongol Tuna Entree in a Delicate Broth
NUXE- cleansing milk/exfoliating gel
wine $100 voucher

I have not use everything in this box but I used a few thing. My dogs loved the Beyond dog food. Jack and Sonya love it and Bella did not really care for it.  So 2 out 3 dogs is not to bad right. Also our cat loved the Fancy feast cat food.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got in my pinchme box.

Keep Shining Like The Star That You Are!

Until next time,

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