Friday, March 18, 2016

99 Cents Only Store Haul

Hello my MJF followers/friends,
I have another 99 cents only haul to show you.
I picked up some things I needed and could not pass up.

I got Natureplex medicated anit-itch cream which is compared to gold bond which works good. I also got some Dr. Sheffield's clear zit. I found some studio art twist crayons to use in my YouTube/Blog note book. I also found some Girl Scouts lip smackers which I love the thin mint one I got before from 99 cents only and when I saw they had three pack. I could not pass it up. I got another silicone scraper which work really good and I though I could use this Easter one all year round.

The last thing I got was the LED lighted letter M which was $2.99 but it was still a good deal because most of them from other store are like $20.00 or more. I love it and posted an image on instagram of it on my wall if you want to see it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my 99 cents only store haul.

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Until next time,

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