Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Walgreens and Walmart Hauls

Hello my MJF stars,
I have two hauls from Walgreens and Walmart that I wanted to show. So lets get into what I got.

Youtube video of the hauls:

I was at Walgreens awhile ago and saw the Halloween Limited edition Jordana Sweet Cream Matte liquid lip colors but I did not buy any of them. So I was still thinking about them and really wanted them so I went back. I wanted them all but with the price of $4.99 each which more than original line which is $2.99 each. I decided to just get three that are hard to find color in a drug store. The ones I got was 18 Enchanted Goddess (Purple), 19 Fantasy Fairy (Blue) and 20 Zombie Queen (Gray). I will try to do a review of them soon been a little busy.

Now on to what I got from Walmart which you know I love marvel and iron man and I really liked Caption America Civil war and remembered while I was by Walmart it came out on blu-ray and dvd. So I found one of the Collector's Edition Blu-ray 3d + Blu-ray + Digital Copie for $25.97. I don't have a 3d set up but wanted the digital copie because I used them. Since for just blu-ray it was $19.99 and I saw that target had it for $24.99. So the casher did a price match and gave it to me for $24.99 which is a good deal even if I don't use the blu-ray 3d. If you did not know walmart does price match with other store for lowest price so if you see something cheaper from another store they will give it to you at that price.

I also found some shorts on sale which was Danskin Now Women plus size active shorts for $3.00.

I also got these Danskin Now Women's plus size active mesh shorts for $5.00. I could not pass up these shorts for that price they are nice to wear when its so hot here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my hauls.

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