Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF stars,
I have two hauls from Dollar Tree which is mostly Halloween items because you know I love Halloween and they had some stuff I had to have.

Youtube video of hauls:

I picked another platter in purple to displayed me bottles/potions on. I picked up two of the Air wick Apple Cinnamon Medley. I also got two packs of the Panasonic aa batteries for my Halloween items that need batteries. I got a standing scarecrow for my mom planter in the front room. I also found the cute skeleton birds which I did not see last year and had to get them. I got two of the led lanterns on with a jack-o-lantern and one with haunted house. I found the Halloween solars so you know I had to get them all lol. So I got two of the solar skull heads which I put one in my car. I also got the solar swinging witch, solar dancing pumpkin and solar cat with pumpkin. The only one I did not get was the swinging ghost which I got last year. I also saw they had different led pumpkins so I got one.

I also picked up some window clings one with the skeletons which is so cute and the owls ones they had last year and I still have but I had to get another one. I also got some Creepy cloth for my costume. I saw these cute hanging decorations that will be perfect for a tree by my door to the house.

I also picked up some Halloween items for the boys. I got two of the treat bags and two of monster cups. I also got glow sticker pumpkin decorating kit for them to put on a pumpkin or what ever they want to do with them. I got 2 count of spiders too.

In this haul I had to pick up somethings I need for the house but I also found somethings I have been looking for. I picked up some home store bath tissue because we ran out and I just picked up some. I also found more or the solars that I wanted which were fluttering skull, fluttering bat and fluttering spider. I also found the Essentials stackable organizing drawers so I got three and one of the vanity organizer 16 compartments. I also picked up some Colgate sensitive toothpaste for my to go bag. I saw Palmer pumpkin spice cups and since I love pumpkin spice, I would give it a go. Can I just say I'm in love they are so good. I also found the lip smackers lip balms but I only picked up one in Cherry Berry Ball.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my dollar tree hauls.

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