Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF Stars,
I have another Dollar Tree Hauls to show you.

In this haul I manly got food because they were restocking and they did not have anything. I found these Miss Claudia's Bakery 6 french rolls. I got three of them because they looked good and I was right they were really good for a dollar. I also got some Flipz in milk chocolate which I love. They are so good. The last thing I got in this haul was this cute Jot Pen with stars on it that I had to get.

In this haul I found the Craft Storage Boxs that I seen people hauling and got one in blue and purple. I also got EAD (European American Designs) Solely Yours Compare to Victoria's Secret Fabulous by Victoria's Secret which smells so good that I could not pass it up. The last thing I got was a Fashion Scarf with sea shells on it which I will be wearing this summer so cute.

If you like to see close up of these items check out my video:

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