Friday, April 1, 2016

Dollar Tree Collective Hauls| March 2016

Hello my MJF followers/friends,
I have a collective dollar tree haul to show you.

I walked in to Dollar Tree and saw this Disney Bag with BB-8, R2D2 and C3PO which you know I love star wars and the droid so I had to get it. I also found 3 hole pencil pouch with a neon pink zebra on it which I was lucky to find because it was last one. I also want the giraffe one too but this was the only one I found. I also got the Jot deco tape in the green and blue. The last thing I got was La's totally awesome fabric refresher floral scent.

I went to DT to look around and only found this 3d coupon holder with pineapple design which I wanted and was happy to find.

In this haul I went to pick up some new storege container for my nail polihes so I got these Lock top rectangle container with lid  whcih I two of the blue and one green. I also found the NYC individual eyes and I got all of the ones I saw but the gray palette which I might go back for so these are ones I got 942 Smokey Blues, 943 Smokey Greens, 945 Midtown Mauve (for brown eyes) and 938 Union Square (for brown eyes). I also picked up some Sunbeam 3 d battery's. The last thing I got was Milani high speed fast dry 22 White on the spot for my mom.

close up of each NYC Individual Eyes

In this last haul I found Jot fashion pen which I had to had because its so pretty. I also picked up the other NYC Individual Eyes that I passed on last trip in the color 944 Smokey Charcoals. I got three of the home rag ruges for my room. I found this Disney Frozen keychin of olaf which you know I love. I also picked up this m note pad. I also got more of the sunbeam batteries in d size. I found these Polaroid  white labels so I picked up two because they are usually more than a dollar. The last thing I got was this project display board for a project and I hope it works. 

Close up of NYC Individual eyez

Close up of the back of NYC Individual eyez

If you like to see close up check out the youtube video:

I hope you enjoyed my DT hauls.

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