Thursday, February 23, 2017

Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade

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I saw Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade on instagram and that I looked just like the Kat Von Den Shade and Light Palette which I have been wanting to try but was not going to pay $50 if I did not like it. So when I saw online Ulta finally got it in I had to get it.  So lets get into what I thought about this palette as well as swatches.

Front and back of palette

As you can see it a plastic palette with clear cut out so you can see the shades which different from the Mermaid Forever palette that I own. It also does not have a mirror which is not a deal breaker for me because I never use the mirrors in palettes. The palette is pretty sturdy and does not feel cheap like some drug store palettes. It says it tale free on the sticker on front but on the back it say talc so I'm confused if its has talc or not? I hope Makeup Revolution can clear this up.

Top image: indoor lighting no flash and Bottom image with flash
As you can see this palette come with 12 eyeshadows they put them three groups so that you can do an eye look if you are new to makeup or need help to create an eye look. It has three larger eye shadows for your base color and three for crease, liner and definer. I think its nice but you also came mix and match because they are neutrals to create an eye look. It also comes with a pretty nice dual eye shadow brush that I do use. It was a flat brush which nice to use pack on the eyeshadow on the eye lid or inner corner. The other end is a round blending brush which is nice for putting color in the crease or blend out the edges too.

Swatched on bare skin with flash
As you can see I swatched them on my bare skin no primer and they are very creamy and pigmented which is nice. I wish they had names which not a big deal but you know me I like names which makes it easy to tell you what eyeshadow I used in my eye looks.

First four swatched no primer with flash
The first four is really close to my skin tone which I'm light to medium skin tone so if you are fair this would work perfect for you. It would also work for me if I did not want no makeup makeup look.

Middle four no primer with flash
This four have more a gray tone which I really like if I wanted to do a cool tone eye look. 

last four with no primer with flash

This last four are warm tone which I have been getting into wearing lately and was never into these types of colors. 

I did a eye look with some of these colors and loved it even with out my shimmer eye shadows which I never thought I would like it. If you know me I love glitter. I have done two eye looks with this palette and I tell you that I really enjoying this palette which is new to me that I have been liking all matte eye shadow eye looks. 

I think this is a really nice matte neutral eye shadow palette for $15. If you like me and love glitter but want to try all matte palette you should try this palette or if you are a fan of mattes you need this palette. Also Ulta aways have sales on the Makeup Revolution products for you can get them for less like I did I paid $10.55 for this palette. 

I hope you enjoyed my Review of The Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade palette.
Are you going to get the Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade eye shadow palette? or do you own already and what is your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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