Monday, February 6, 2017

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF stars,
I have three Dollar Tree hauls to show you so I decided to put them together in one haul. So lets get into what I found this time.

youtube video of hauls:

In this haul I been wanting to pick up the Tool Bench wall mount wire rack to use to hang up my purses so I got two. I also picked up two packs of Panasonic batteries in AAA and AA.

I got a pack of Crafter Square foam sheets because I thought be nice for my makeup flat lays when I take pictures of my makeup.

I also picked up two special moments photo frames to make more of my pin displays and If you follow me on ig you saw the final result.

I picked up some snacks / food items. I love Rice a roni so got two boxes of Chicken flavor. I also love Flipz in Milk Chocolate so I also got two of them. I have been wanting some mixed nut so I decided to try these Star Snack mixed nuts which were ok for a dollar but the say less peanuts but it had peanuts than any other nut. The last snack food I got was Perfectly Popped white chedder popcorn which is really good. 

I stoped at Dt to see if they had any thing new that I have been looking for but I only found two books that I could not pass up for $1. I got Professor Gargoyle Tales from LoveCraft middle school by Charles Gilman which looked interesting so I got it. I also got Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce which is fourth and last book in the fairy tale inspired series by pearce. I read Fathomless from the series which I also got from DT and really enjoyed it so I thought I would give this one a try. I hope DT gets the other two in series because I would like to get them all.

In this haul I went to a different DT and found another book that I had to get which is The Duck Commander Family. If you didn't know I love the show and also have the other books by Uncle Si and Phil. So I was happy to find this one by Willie and Korie. I also pick up some things I need which was some plackers dental flossers 50 count.  I also got some Health A-Z Mucus Relief DM 10 count and two of the Assured Mucus Relief 15 count. I want try both brands to see which on works best. I also got more the Perk Vent Wrap in Golden Vanilla which I like and keeps my car smelling good. They much stronger the other ones that are one with liquids in it that DT always have. These ones are made by little tree air fresheners. They are usually around $3-$4. So its a really good.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Dollar Tree Hauls.

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