Monday, February 1, 2016

Small Walgreens Haul

Hello my MJF followers/friends,
I have a small walgreens haul to show you.
Recently I went to walgreens to see if there was anything new or on sale that I had to have since I have not been to walgreens for a while.

I went to look at what was left of Christmas items and found these Cheetos sweetos cinnamon sugar puffs that I wanted to try but never picked up a bag and they were on sale for $1.04 so I figured I give them a try. I also saw new display of Sinful colors Valentines day collection love bites. Most of the display was re-promotes but one color which was called Love Bomb and I had to get it.

closeup of Love Bombs

As I said before is from Sinful Colors Love Bites collection and it called Love Bombs which has Metallic blue heart shaped glitters in a shimmering violet base, sprinkled with silver, fuchsia and pink hex glitters and it was $1.99. Its so pretty and different than last years which I did not get because it did not grab me and this one did. I can't wait to put it over different base colors.

I hope you enjoyed my small haul.

Until next time,

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