Monday, February 15, 2016

Walmart Collective Hauls

Hello my MJF followers/friends,
I have another Walmart Collective Hauls.

I found this Danskin now women's plus french terry hooded jacket in black soot that was  $14.97 now on clearance $9.00 which I was surprised because it was not marked on the tag. I also got two Happy Holidays head bands that was $3.00 now on clearance $.30 each so I figured I would keep one for me and give the other one away. I also found these two pair of the Christmas socks which I figured would be on sale. You know I can't pass up socks. I got the Holiday Time 9" ugly Xmas reindeer 2 pack crew socks w/feather yarn red combo for $2.97 on clearance  $.29 and Holiday Time 9" Christmas Eve 2pk crew sock navy combo $2.97 on clearance  $.29. I was happy they were even cheaper than on the tag.

In this next haul I found these cool Marvel Socks for $4.97 which has iron man, the hulk and Thor. I also found this cute no boundaries black multi crossbody bag for $9.97.

I also got this Black floppy hat $3.72 which might be for a costume for this year Halloween we will see.

I also got this ugly Xmas Thermal for $.95 which was $19.98. I love it because it has a big foot. You know I love big foot shows so I had to get it.

In this trip I went to Walmart to get Snow White and the seven dwarfs and also found other things that I had to have lol. I found another Danskin Now Women's plus french terry hood jacket in medium gray heather this time and it was even less too $5.00 was $14.98. Like I said I went walmart for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Bluray+Dvd+Digital HD for $22.96 it was $36.99. 

I also found this Harry potter gryffindor flip cup $4.98 and I got this Holiday Plush Throw with penguins on it for $4.98.

In this haul I found this Star Wars BB-8 t-shirt for $8.44 which I had to because I love BB-8. I also found this Star Wars Droid Flip straw tumbler cup $4.98 because I love R2D2, C3P0 and BB-8 and there all on this cup. I need more shampoo so I picked up the one I have been loving which is Clairol Herbal Essence tea-lightfully clean shampoo for $2.97. The last thing I got was No boundaries gray skull Crossbody for $9.97 and yes I know I just got one but this one has skulls so I had to get it.

I hope you enjoyed my Walmart collective hauls.

Until next time,

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