Monday, February 22, 2016

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF followers/friends,
I'm here to show you more finds from the Dollar Tree.

In this first haul I only got a few things. I really liked Famous Amos double chocolate chip so I was really happy to find one pack left. I also got this years Solar dancing cupid and devil. I really bummed when I found out that last years cupid is the same is this year so now I have two of the same. :0/

I stopped by a DT close to my house since I have not been there in awhile. I found the origami paper folding that I saw people been hauling. It was my first time seeing them so I picked up the Alice 's tea party and Circus. I also got jot poster tack and a some washi tape with dog paw prints which I could not pass up.

Recently I went to DT and found some new things that I have not seen people hauling. I was looking in book area for the adult coloring books but did not find them. But I did find this book Fathomless By Jackson Pearce which is about a retelling of the little mermaid so I had to get it. I also found these Cadbury Fingers dark chocolate cookies and I tried them and they are really good even though its dark chocolate. I also found new Sassy+Chic blender sponges so I got two one in light green and purple. I also saw that they had new designs on there Microfiber screen cleaner so I pick up this teal and purple design. I was looking at the L.a. Colors nail polish display which found some new ones and had to get these two L.a. Colors color craze -Radiant Orchid (lilac purple with iridescent shimmer) and Shattered (green, blue and gold glitter pieces). I also picked up Milani high speed fast dry 22 white on the spot.

I also picked up some Shasta Ginger Ale and 6 pack of crystal geyser water.

I hope you enjoyed my DT hauls.

Until next time,

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