Thursday, March 30, 2017

99 Cents Only Store Haul

Hello my MJF stars,
I'm here with another 99 cents only store haul. So lets get into what I found/bought this time.

Youtube video of haul:

I saw this plush throw and had to have it is so pretty. Also it was $1.99 which a good price for a this really soft throw and you can never have too many blankets right? I also so picked up 3 of the glow in the dark goody hair clips because I wear them everyday and they wear out. So I just throw them away when they start to look used up. Also I really like these pattern/colors. I always buy more than one of the goody brand because they are more than $.99 at other stores and they are made better than off brands.

I found more Milani Bella eyeshadows in colors that I don't own. Since I love the bella shadows I had to pick up these three. Also they are usually $5 or $6 each. I got 03 Bella Cappuccino Satin Matte, 05 Bella Taupe Satin Matte and 30 Bella Diamond Highlighter/Shimmer. I also found more Milani nail polish that I had to pick up too. I got 12 Sugar Rush and another bottle of 203 quick dry top coat because you can never have too much top coat and I really like milani top coats.

My dad got me this selfie stick because I don't own one and he thought I could use one so I try it out. It says on the package to download an app but it worked with out the app so if you was wondering. It works really good for it being $1.99.

I also picked of a few storage containers which I did not put in the video but still wanted to show them. I two of the shoe size for my nail polishes and really like they have clips so lids don't slid off. I got three of the larger sizes for some storage for holiday stuff that I did not containers for. They were $1.99 which a really good price for this size.

Well that's it for now and I hope you enjoyed see what I got from 99 cents only store.

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