Monday, March 27, 2017

Ross Dress For Less Hauls

Hello my MJF stars,
I have a few Ross Dress For Less hauls to show you. So lets get into what I found at Ross. 

Youtube video of hauls:

You know I love my Crocs so when I found these Crocs in Ocean/Ice blue for $14.99. You know I had to get them and I love the color.

I saw this Sea life plastic Bowl for $5.99 and had to get it because I love turtles and sea horses. I thought I can use it for my salads that I make during the spring and summer.
I also saw these Silver Sea shells large candle holder for $7.99 and small candle holder $4.99 so I had to get both. They are so pretty.

I love Yankee Candles. When I smelled island party 12 scented tealight candles I had to get them and they were $3.99
I saw a Himalayan salt candle holder when I got my crocs but did not buy it. So I went back and it was gone. I went again and they got whole bunch of the Himalayan salt candle holders back in so I picked up one which was $3.99. I'm have been loving it.

I also was looking at the mail holders and found this Black wood carved mail holder that I had to have but it had some damages on it on the back and some dings so I asked if they get me some off so it was $7.99 and they gave 10% off for the damages so it was $7.19. I'm using it to display my makeup palettes and it holds more than the blue one I got awhile ago.

I hope you liked seeing what I found at Ross.

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