Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul

Hello my MJF stars,
I'm here with another Dollar Tree Haul so lets get into what I found this time.

Youtube video of haul:

I got this cute 3D placemat with owls on it. I found another of the As Seen on tv item which this Elaj eczema relief. I took a chance and picked up 3 of them because if it works its a good deal. I'm happy to say it does work if you wondering. If you like me to do a review in depths of this product let me know. I also picked up another microfiber screen cleaner. I need more 100% acetone nail polish remover for I picked up this Swan brand.

I also got this cute 3d owl ruler/book mark. I found this star tape and had to get it.

I picked up these Star Wars 6 pack pocket tissues because you know I love star wars and I need some tissues. They also had Easter items so I got this cute Easter sign for my door.

I left out these items from my video but still wanted to show you them anyways so I also picked up a box of Scotties tissues. I wanted so chips so I got these nacho cheese tortilla chips.

The last thing I got was this bottle of Shasta Cola which is not my favorite but they did not have root beer.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my haul.

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