Monday, March 6, 2017

Pinchme Box #26 & #27

Hello my MJF stars,
I wanted to show you what I got this time from Pinchme but since I got two box with a few items each. I thought I put them together, so lets see what I got this time from Pinchme. 

Youtube video of unboxing:

Box #26

The first box I got was #26 which I got:
Purina One Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken
Barilla Traditional Basil Pesto Coupons for one free jar and $1.00 off next jar.
Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Dish Cloth

Box #27

In box #27 I got:
Bella Natural Bites Plus Vitamin and Minerals Adult Dry Dog Food
Olay Ultra Moisture Shea Butter Body Wash

I have not used all of the free samples yet but I use a few. My cat really liked the Purina One cat food which had little pieces of chicken in with the dry pellets. I also used the Scrotch brite dish cloth and been liking it so far. My dogs liked the Purina Bella bites which I mixed in with there regular food and they thought it was treat to there regular food. I can't wait to try the rest of my samples.

If you like to know more about pinchme check out there web site.

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