Monday, March 20, 2017

CVS and Walmart Hauls

Hello my MJF stars,
I have a few hauls from CVS and Walmart from ofter Valentine's Day which I found a lot of good deals and wanted to show you what I found.

Youtube video of hauls:

This first haul is from CVS when they had 50% Valentine's Day items so I got few things. I got a bag of Reese Valentine's peanut butter hearts for $2.19. I had to get this cute Cool Gear Valentine's Glitter Can which says Everything is better with Glitter it was $6.99 but with the 50% off it was $3.49. I got a pack of the Valentine's tic tac be mine for $1.89. The last thing I got in this haul was these cute Single pair socks for $1.49.

I went back few days later and they had 75% off Valentine's Day items so I pick up more of the Cool Gear cans that I wanted which was the Huge & Kiss design. I got one for me and my mom which were $1.75 each. I also got this cute Red & Pink Light-up Beaded lips for $.75.

Couple days ago I went to CVS and they had 90% off all of Valentine's Day items which there was not much left but I did get this Red & Pink Light-up beaded Heart for $.29. I also got Russell Stover Marshmallow Chocolate heart and dark chocolate coconut cream which was $.09 each.

I also went to walmart after Valentine's Day which they had 75% off which they did not have that much but I did find this  Plastic travel mug for $1.25 that was $5 because you know I love owls.  I also found this cute Black and white Puppy for $.74 that was $2.99.

The last thing I got from Walmart was these Women's plus size Pixar/Disney Finding Dory Sleep Pants on sale for $7.00.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my hauls.

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