Monday, August 8, 2016

Influenster Kiss Brand Challenge Prize

Hello my MJF stars,
Awhile ago I received a email that I'm the winner of the Kiss brand challenge from Influenster. If don't know what influenster is it is were you try products for free and give your thoughts about the products and also do brand challenges. So I received some Kiss products in the Holiday Jingle Voxbox and did the challenge which I was a winner of.

Here is me unboxing my winnings:

So I received all Kiss products because that is the brand challenge I won of course so lets see what I got. I got a pair of Kiss imPress Manicure in the design called So, So Stellar which is a nice gray/nude color and with skull nail art which you know I love skulls so I might have to put them on something else. I really don't wear press on nail so I might wear them on vacation or when I don't feel like painting my nails. I also got Kiss Waterless Tattoos in the design KaPow! which has rose and hearts which I love to wear tattoos on my nails and can't wait to try these. I got some Kiss EverEZLash Trio Short Combo which I'm excited to try because I never tried individual lashes and been wanting to try more fake lashes. The last thing I got was a surprise because it was not shown in the email which is the Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive Clear. I'm so happy to get this lash glue because I like the one I got in the holiday voxbox but I wanted to try a lash glue that clear and with brush. It might be easier to apply with a brush because the one I got in the voxbox was a squeeze tube. Also if I want to wear color eyeliner it be nice to use clear instead of black lash glue I got in the voxbox.

I'm so excited to try all these goodies thanks to Kiss and influenster.

If you like to join let me know and I can sent you a invite through email. You can dm me on instagram or private message me on blog or facebook so no one sends you spam. 

Don't Forget to:
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