Monday, August 1, 2016

Arizona Mills Mall Hauls

Hello my MJF stars,
I have a mall haul when I was on my Arizona trip a month so ago.
This is the second time I went to this mall while visting Arizona. If you go to Arizona you should go this mall its so big and really nice. So lets get into what I got at Arizona Mills Mall. 

Youtube video:

I went into the Disney Outlet Store because you know I love disney and oulets are the best because they have really good deals. I only got one this which I could not leave with out it. I got the Disney Animators' Collection Interactive Cheshire Cat which is so cool it talks and moves. You know I love alice in wonderland and Cheshire Cat. It so cute and I love it. I filmed a little bit of it on the video above if you want to see it. It was on sale $16.99 and then 25% off so it was $12.74 which is a awsome deal. 

I also went in to a Hot Topic and they had aq hot mess sale. I was so happy to find this Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Galaxy s6 Cell Case for $7.00. You know I love Nightmare before christmas and I been wanting to get a disney case. I think someone hid it because it was behind eveything and it was the only one left. I hove this case and so happy I found it. They had a sale on cleance for buy one get one for $1.00 so I got these cute Minions Earrings (Bob) which was $5.00. You know I love minions and love these earrings.

The mall also had a Rainforest Cafe which we had lunch in. I did film some video of the cafe but still have not uploaded so I still have to edited so I will probably have it up in future. Anyways I got this cute t-shirt that was $17.99 and on sale for $9.99.

If you didn't know I like to collect rocks and minerals so I had to go look at Black Market Minerals store. I really did not find too many thing that I had to have but I did get this Clear Crystal Quartz bracelet that I will be taking apart to make a bigger and pretty bracelete out of it. I manly bough it for the crystal. It was $2.99 which I nice price for the size.

I also went into a F.y.e which you know I really like and don't have any in the area where I live. We did have one in one of our malls but they closed it down like last year. :0( So I went to look what they had and found two things I had to have. I found Fabrikations Star Wars Yoda that was $14.99 but was on clearnce for $13.88 and all of the cleance was an extra 50% off so it was $6.94. So had to get it because you know I love Yoda and tis my first Fabrikation to add to my yoda collection. I also found the Harry Potter Blind Bag Collectors Keyring series 1 for $6.99 and had to get one. I was so happy that I got Hedwig. :0)

They also had a Burlington Coat factory so I had to check it out. I found Global Beauty products and I want to try more of there products so I Care Under Eye Pads Cucumber for $3.99. I also got Spascriptions Pore Refining Under-Eye Pads for $3.99. I also found this two pack of Orly Color Blast Beverly Hills with Worth Millions and Pretty Woman for $2.99 was $5.99. I really love Worth Millions is its a pretty neon green/yellow.

I also found these cute Reebok skinny Capri purple cactus flower pants that retail for $65.00 and they were marked as $16.99 then on sale for $9.99. I really love these pants and happy to add to my collection.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my haul from Arizona Mills mall.

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