Monday, August 29, 2016

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF stars,
I have Dollar Tree Hauls from July. I have been trying to cut back on DT hauling. Also there has not been anything that I wanted. So lets get into what I have hauled.

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I need more tea light candles so I Luminessence tealight candles 16 pack. I also got the lip gloss in cherry scent. I got three packs of the Life Savers gummies in the wild berries and Collisions flavors.

In this haul I picked up another Zac yoda master cup because my other one is getting warn out and its nice to have a back up. I also got the Edwards hershey's chocolate pie that I love. I also picked up this chocolate lava cake to try. It was ok but it did not have a lot of chocolate lava in the middle which is a bummer.

In this haul I been wanting to rearranging my movie collection so I bought three of each color of the mini crates except the purple because they only had two.

The last things I got was more of Perk vent wraps because I really like this brand and it keeps my car smelling good for a while. so I got two of the Golden Vanilla and one of the Lush Valley.

I hope you enjoyed see my hauls.

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