Friday, June 20, 2014

Walgreens / E.L.F Disney Ariel Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm so excited to show you my walgreens haul.
When I saw on Nouveau Cheap someone bought an Disney Ariel makeup products and if you know me you know I ♡ Disney I had to my hands on some of the limited Edition items.
So I been looking for couple of weeks and no one know what I was taking about.
So nouveau cheap reason post said that they were selling them online at but when I looked they were sold out :0(. But there was a search local stores and I saw three stores that got them in stock. Yay so when I got to store the girl said they just got a shipment in and asked if she can see if they came in. She came back with two displays of Ariel products and I got three of the five products.

The three items I got where:
E.L.F Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty which has a bronzer & mini kabuki brush for $4.99
E.L.F Disney Ariel Treasure Within Beauty Book which has 9 eyeshadows, 2 bronzers /blush, lip gloss, 1 eyeshadow brush, and bronzer brush for $9.99.
E.L.F Disney Ariel Crystal Brushes which has 5 brushes and a travel case for $9.99.

The other items I did not get was a lip products set which I really don't like e.l.fs lip products. The set was more eyeshadows which did not stand out like the Beauty book eyeshadows did and came with an eyeliner. If you want to see what I did not get of the whole collection got to Nouveau cheap or

If you don't follow Nouveau cheap you should because she has all the info on new makeup coming out.
I so excited to try my new makeup and will be post some looks soon and maybe a review.

Until next time.

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