Wednesday, June 18, 2014

P&G Free Sample Box

Hello my MJF followers,
I have another sample box to show that I got in the mail today.
I signed up for samples on the freeflys sample web site and that web site sent me to the P&G web site to receive free samples. So if you like me and like free samples you should sign up for its also for free to sign up.

So I was surprised to receive a box from p&g because I did not get to pick the products that I like to try like the pinchme sample box. I was so happy to get two body wash samples one is Clairol Herbal essence body wash body burst in the citrus essence sent. I open the cap and smelled it and smelled so good. It smelled like oranges and flowers which I been really loving citrus scents. The second body wash was from Olay in sensitive unscented which I smelled it and it does have a light soapy scent. It does not matter to me if it has a scent or not as long it does not smell bad which it don't smell bad.
I have not tried any of these body wash before and can't wait to try these.

Have you tried these body washes? If so did you like them?

Until next time.

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