Monday, June 23, 2014

Collective Dollar Tree Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I have a few different hauls from the dollar tree that collected together as one big haul.

I got three of these led lights that changes colors and it has a cupcake. It also has happy birthday on it which you really can't see from the picture. :0( They are really cute and I'm going to use them for my cousin birthday party.

I also got two face products: Facial scrub that has apricot and facial wash that has green tea. I got them to use with my facial spin brush and in the shower. I use the facial scrub in the shower and facial wash with my spin brush. They have the brand on it so I don't know who makes it. I got these because they where sealed that's why I got them. I don't its safe to get open products that are not seal. I will be doing a review on them soon.

When I saw Lil' dippers at dollar tree I had to try them because they remind me of other brands that I buy else wear. These are actually are good. If you like chocolate and cookies you must try these. You get five for dollar which a really good price.
I also got a Disney figurine of squirt from finding nemo and you know I love Disney so I had to get it.

In this last haul I got a book and its title is Alter Bones by Philip Carter. I normal don't buy books from the dollar store but when I saw this one I thought it was a interesting book. I can also read it buy the pool or when I'm bored this summer. I looked up the price online it was $9.99 at It got good reviews also.

I also found these frames that are in my favorite colors so I had to get them and I will find pictures to put in them. They also had pink and purple frames too.

The last thing I got was hook and loop fasteners which is just Velcro with glue on it. I got it to put a metal poster on my door which worked well.

What do you think of my Collective Dollar Tree Haul? 
What did you find at dollar tree that you think I might like?

Until next time

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