Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ross Collective Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you a collective Ross hauls from last month and this month.

So in this haul I found some nail polishes that I could not pass up. The first one is a mini opi from the The Amazing Spider-man  collection which has into the night that is metallic purple/ blue, Number One Nemesis which is glittery metallic with green and dark silver its really hard to tell but its pretty and one of the ones that made me want this. The last two is Just Spotted the Lizard! Which is a duo chrome green, blue and other colors lol so pretty and it the polish that I had to have. The last one is Your Web or Mine? which is a pink shimmer. It was on sale for $5.49. The last one is Formula X for Sephora in Revolution which is a sliver and black glitter that might be opaque on its own for $3.99.

I found this awesome backpack with the evil queen and could not pass it up because it was only $3.99. If you been her awhile you know I love Disney and the evil queen. So I had to have it then I looked at the original tag from where they bought it from. It was from Spencer's and it was $39.99, so its 90% off what a score!! right!! I can't wait to use it on my next Disney trip and for anything else I need a backpack for.

Then I saw this bag and put it on which made me buy it because its so pretty and would be perfect to bring on the plane or for trips and for going to movie theater to hold my goodies lol. It was on sale for $14.99.

In this picture I got a Remington precision hair remover on sale for $4.99 and it works really good if been looking for one check Ross. I also got my first cuticle pusher by beauty tool for $2.99 and I don't know how I lived  with out one for so many year. I love it and if you never tried on you need too. The last thing in this collective haul is these Yankee Candle tea light is in pineapple which smell so good and they were $3.99.

I hope you enjoyed my collective haul.

Until next time,

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