Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rite Aid and Walgreens Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you my two nail polish hauls from Rite Aid Walgreens.
I wanted to post this week starting today because Walgreens is have there $.99 sale for Sinful Colors.

I went to Rite Aid with my mom on Friday to see if they had a polish that polishedways said that had to have by Julie G but they were sold out :0(.
But I did find the limited edition Sinful Colors Shamrockin' for $1.99.It has matte light green hex glitter and smaller green, white glitter with white matte flowers. I also got two Bonita polishes that I could not pass up. I saw bonita polishes at 99 cents store but never bought any to try and when I saw these at rite aid for $1.49 each. I figured I try theses and see if I like this brand. The first one I got was Sea Me which is a greenish blue metallic color which is so pretty. I also got I Could Care Less which grabbed me because it has hex glitter like the opi when monkeys fly and when I look closer it has small bar copper glitter as well as copper hex and gold hex with smaller copper and gold glitter. Its so pretty and usually don't like gold and copper glitter but this much different than most glitter. You can't really see in the picture but its pretty. As you can tell I can't wait to wear it.

Today I had to go to Walgreens to see if they had any I wanted because they are having the .99 cents sale on Sinful Colors and I found six I had been wanting and I had to have.
The first polish is from there permanent line that been meaning to buy ever time they have sale and this time I got it that is Mint Apple which is a mint color with micro glitter. I also got Sail La Vie which is from different collects and from the permanent collection that been wanting also. Its a cream that little bit more purple than a baby blue.I got Unicorn which is also a repromote and not from the permanent line. Its yellow cream and been on my list to buy also. I got Tempest lilac cream color which also a repromote but I didn't have when I saw it I had to have so pretty. I got one of the Bloomblast in the color Petal Be The Day which is new and its in a milky jelly base which I don't really like but this one is so pretty and I had try it. Its jelly purple base with blue and purple hex and small blue hex with purple glitter. Its so pretty I think it will pretty over Tempest. So excited :0). The last thing I got it a new limited edition polish called Shamrockin and yes I got two because as you can see below they are different. This one had matte light green glitters in hex and white glitter with white flowers. 

The one on left is from Walgreens and one right is from Rite Aid
I don't know why Sinful Colors did this in which one bottle has small green glitter and the other does not. But I'm happy to have both and can't wait to do a mani with them.

I hope you enjoyed my hauls and if you see a polish you like go to walgreens while they are on sale.

Until next time,

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