Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My hauls from my Hawaii trip

Hello my MJF follower,
In January my mom found a really good deal for trip to Hawaii on the island Kaua'i which I never been to that island. I had a great time and would love to back.
So here are things I bought :

These items I got from the ABC store which I love this store. I got a bag that is called turtles in paradise 2 for $3.99. I got two of the Oluolu flower starfish bracelets for $5.99 with 20% off. I got Hawaiian glamours hair clips for $4.99 with 20% off also. I got Oluolu flower turtle bracelet for $3.99. The last thing I got from the abc store was a island wrap bracelet for $14.99.

I went to another store but I don't remember the name but I got this Sea Turtle bag for $18.05 which I love and will be using for going to the pool. I also got this cute Tiki shot glass for $6.35. I don't drink but I thought was cute.

Here another haul from another store which I don't remember the name sorry but I got a island sense natural Hawaiian koa wood turtle necklace for $14.99. As you can see I love sea turtle and I thought it was so pretty with the flower in the shell part. I also got these pretty flower earrings that was $2.99.

These two picture above are from Kmart and I also got a free reusable bag which in that these pictures. Its just a plain black bag not any to take a picture of lol. Anyways I got a claw hair clip with a flower for $4.99. I also found some nail polish I had to have that is a Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer 05 Mint Tint which is mint glitter with gold shimmer so pretty. It was also on sale for $1.64. I also got Revlon Brilliant Strength 120 Tantalize which is a glitter green and its so pretty and I will posting a mani next of it. It was on sale for $2.49. I also got a Jordana color envy waterproof eyeliner in menthe passion on sale for $1.24. I can't wait to try this color because I love black envy. The last thing I got a Hawaii 3d magnet of the island chain for $3.99.

This last haul is from Walmart which I got two postcard and remember how much they were but I think they were around 2 or 3 dollars. I also got Frozen lip smackers that had three flavors and the flavors are cool vanilla mint, coconut snowball and Chilled cranberry grape. They were $4.99 for the three pack.

I hope you enjoyed my Hawaii hauls.

Until next time,

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