Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Walgreens Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you a Walgreens haul from today visit.

If you don't follow me on instagram you should but I saw some swatches on instagram from @freakumbee and had to go back to get the new limited edition Wet n wild palettes. But of course I found more things that I had to have lol.
So lets get into what I got that is npw lip charry lip balm and a vanilla balm both on sale for $.50. They were so cute not pass up. Right! I also got boe beauty sorbet lip balm in the scent coconut vanilla which I saw someone on instagram love so I had to try it for a $1.00. Also its so pretty in mint color and yes I opened it. I love it because not thick and smells like coconut which I love coconut. So if you see it get its good just saying :0). Then I saw that they put out more sinful color polishes so of course I had get the ones I was looking for on Sunday and yes they are still on sale for $.99. The colors I got are all of the opalescent in Sheer Flight which is a metallic green with gold shimmer, Prized Plume is a metallic blue with light blue shimmer and Flight to see is a metallic purple with purple shimmer. They are so pretty but I don't get why they are called opalescent? If you do let me know :0). The last two things and reason why I went back are the Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeshadow palette from new spring 2015 collection. I got the Vegan Culture which when I first saw it did not grab me but when I saw the swatches I had to get it. The other one I got was California Roll which I was going to buy on Sunday but my mom was like do you need more eyeshadow so  I skipped it but again I saw the swatch and had to get it. They are all $3.99 but I got it for $2.00 because wet n wild products on sale for $2.00 but they did not ring up as that but the cashier was really nice and gave it to me for $2.00. Yay.
So for all of this was around like little bit than $8.00 and I saved like $8.00 which was nice because I went little bit over board.

I hope you enjoyed my haul and if you have not check out Walgreens for the sinful colors sale you should.  :0)

I'm so excited to used all of my new goodies.

Until next time,

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