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Review & Eye Look: E.L.F Disney Jasmine A Whole New World Beauty Book

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to do a review and show you an eye look I did with E.L.F Disney Jasmine Beauty Book that recently came out at Walgreens that I got for Christmas.

Cover of Beauty Book
Back of Beauty Book
As you can see its beautiful and I love the colors they choose for this beauty book and the detail is so pretty. If you look close in the gold you can see pictures of Rajah and Genie in the design as well as the lamp and Jasmines palace. I love it!!

They also put the pattern through out the beauty book which is so pretty. They also have a mirror like the other beauty book but this time its in a shape of a lotus flower.
This beauty book has five eyeshadows, eyeshadow applicator, black eyeliner pencil, a blush, bronzer, brush for blush and bronzer and a lip color lip gloss.

Again like the other beauty book this one also has a guild under the mirror for how to apply each item. Which is nice to have.

Eyeshadow Swatches no primer
From Top: Abu, Rajah, Lago
Jasmine, Genie, Aladdin, Jafar

I really like all of the colors even though a few of them are not very pigmented but the one that I most bummed about is Jasmine its not very pigmented and powdery which is very hard to get color on my eyelid which it fall off and all over my face. Even with primer and a base. I used Jasmine in a eye look I'll be posting after this post in which in process of using this eyeshadow made big indent in it to get some color. I would of thought the best eyeshadow would be Jasmine because this is her beauty book. I also had a lot of fall out with Aladdin but I did not make indent in the eyeshadow like Jasmine and Aladdin was not powdery that might be the problem with Jasmine. I think the best eyeshadows in the beauty book is Rajah, Lago, Genie. The rest had fall out and or not very pigmented which I'm very sad about. 

Blush, Brozer and lip color
From left to right:
Blush Royal Palace, Brozer Forbidden Treasure, Lip Color Magic Carpet

I really like the blush its a pretty pinky coral color which I like as a blush. I also like the bronzer which is nice golden brown which is not to dark for my skin tone. I might use the blush and brozer as eyeshadows because they so pretty. As you know I don't like E.L.F lip color/lip glosses so I will not be using it but its nice pinky grape color.

Here is the First eye look I did with the beauty book:

Products I used:

Sephora perfecting eye primer
Jordana 12hr made to last eyeshadow pencil in Continuous Almond
Aladdin (Eyelid)
Jafar (outer v)
Rajah (crease)
Abu (brow bone high light)
Jasmine (inner corner)
Jordana Color Envy Liquid Eyeliner Black Envy

I really love how this eye look came out because the purple and blues look so pretty together. I would never of put these colors together but since they were in this beauty book together I thought I would give it a try. The color that I loved in this beauty book was Aladdin and I'm really happy that with a base it came more pigmented. As I said I had to build this color up because it was not pigmented and had a lot of fall out but it was worth it because its so pretty. I might have to wear this eye look again with a purple base so I don't have to put so many layers.

All in all I like this beauty book even though there some eyeshadows that did not perform very well. I would of bought it even with it faults but I got this from my mom as a present and Jasmine is one of my favorite princess. I'm happy to add it to my collection.

What do you think about this beauty book? Did you buy it and you like it? Also what do you think of my eye look?

Until next time,

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