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Review & Eye Look: E.L.F Good vs Evil Let the Drama Begin Beauty Book

Hello my MJF followers,
I know its kinda late to do a review of this beauty book because I bought it October before Halloween and never had the change to review it. So since I kinda behind I finally did eye look with it. I don't know why I have not used it til today but I think it was that E.L.F put so many beauty books out at one time I got over loaded with makeup. I also was not really in to this book and was debating if I should buy it or not. As you can see I bought it because I wanted to add it to my Disney beauty book collection and because it had double of amount of eye shadows from the other beauty books. 
Anyways on to this review of the E.L.F Good vs. Evil let the drama begin Beauty Book.

As you can see it is Aurora vs Maleficent on the cover. I love the colors and design of the cover which pretty as just as the other beauty books.

Just like the other beauty books it has a mirror but this time its in shape of a rose which I love. The thing that is different in this book we get 12 eye shadows which 6 is for the day beauty look and 6 is for the night villian look. It also comes with two E.L.F lip colors one for day and one for night. It also comes with a black brightening eyeliner pencil.

Just like the other beauty books it comes with guide for two different eye looks.

Swatches of Day Beauty no primer
Here are Swatches of the Day Beauty :
Eye shadows: Sunlight, Innocence, Briar Rose
Sunbeam, Forest Beauty
Lip Color: True Loves Kiss (Brett)

Swatches of Night Villian no primer
Here are swatches of the Night Villian:
Lip Color: Betrayal (Michael)
Eye shadows: Sorcery
Magic Spell, Evil Fairy
Hedge of Thorns, Green Flames, Black Magic

As you can see the darker colors are more pigmented then the lighter ones. In this beauty book there are more less pigmented eye shadows compared to the other beauty books but with primer and a base will help. The eye shadows that made me buy this beauty book was Magic Spell, Evil Fairy, and Green Flames which are pigmented. All of the eye shadows are shimmery or metallic except one that is called Sunlight which is matte which I'm happy to see because its a nice browbone highlight color.

So here is the Eye look I did with this Beauty Book: 

Products I used for this eye look:
Sephora Perfecting Eye Primer
Jordana 12hr made to last eyeshadow pencil Continuous Almond
Magic Spell (on eyelid)
Sorcery (center of eyelid)
Black Magic (outer v)
Forest Beauty (crease)
Sunlight (brow bone)
E.L.F Liquid Eyeliner Black

As you can see I used one of the colors that made my buy this beauty book which is Magic Spell that is a blueish green but its show up more blue in the photos. I wanted brighten and add more shine the center of my eyelid with Sorcery which you can't see in photo. The color that surprised me was Forest Beauty which is a taupe with a blue duo chrome. It reminds me of Wet n Wild Nutty which I love. I really happy how this eye look came out but in the beginning I was not like it but after was finished it looked pretty good. I'm actually happy that I did buy this beauty book even with some of its down falls. I think with this beauty book I can do many looks with it. I just have to leave it out not forget that I have it. If you asked me if I buy this beauty book after using it. It would be a yes because I think you can do many eye looks whether it is a nude or bright eye look like this eye look I did today.

What do you think? Did you buy this beauty book?

Until next time,

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