Thursday, January 8, 2015

Walmart Haul and Christmas "ugly" Sweater

Hello my MJF followers,
This is a combo post in that its a Walmart haul and final product of the items I bought in the haul. I know some of you that follow me on instagram have seen my sweater but wanted show you what I used to make it.

In this Walmart haul I bought mostly items to make my Christmas "ugly" sweater. The first thing I got was a plan navy blue sweater by fruit of the loom for $7.94. I also got three pieces of white felt, and a black piece of felt which was .24 each. A brown and Orange foam square for $.39 each. The last thing I got was not for my sweater which is Bra Extenders that was $5.94.

Here is the finished Christmas Sweater and added some stuff I already had or bought before. I had some glitter ribbon and glitter glue. I also add some led blue battery lights that bought from the dollar store. I'm happy to tell you I won the contest for having the best "ugly" sweater and everyone loved it and so do I.

I hope you enjoyed my haul and Christmas "ugly" sweater.

Until next time,

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