Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Christmas Gifts 2014

Hello my MJF followers,
Like last year I wanted to show you what I got for Christmas this year that got from my family and close friends of my family.

My dad got me Supernatural season 9 on dvd, Disney Sleeping Beauty on dvd, The Goldbergs season 1 on dvd , Bones season 8 on dvd and True Blood season 6 on dvd. My brother got me Laverne & Shirley season 5 on dvd. My mom got me the E.L.F Jasmine beauty book and the face collection which I will be posting in the future  and so happy she found it for me. She also got me a gift card for the movie theater. Thank you to my dad, brother and mom for get me what I wanted for Christmas.

A close friend of our family Kim got a me a phone case with mini mouse on it. I've been wanting to buy one ever time I got to Disney but never could decide which one to buy and happy she got me this one because I love it. She also gave me gift card to Jc pennys which I can also use at sephora. Yay thank you Kim.

My Friend Kelly which is the daughter of Kim went to Disneyland for Christmas which I wish I went with her but she got my Christmas present from Disney. Which I was so happy to get anything from Disney because I love Disney. She got me Jack Skellington scarf which I love and been wearing it every where. She got me a cute key chain with mini mouse and cheetah print on the bow. She also got me a mickey mouse ornament with giraffe print on it. The last thing she got me was an Ariel ornament which you know I love little mermaid. Thank you Kelly I love everything.

Again thank you to everyone that got me something for Christmas and I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got this year.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. If you like tell me what you got and been loving. 

Until next time,

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