Thursday, January 8, 2015

Walmart and Target Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
Here is another haul that been wanting post but here it is a Walmart and Target hauls.

This haul is from Walmart which I got york peppermint lip balm for a $1.00 because I love peppermint lip balms and had to get this one. I also got some stuff to make jewelry, a pack of cord end crimps for $2.00 and head and eye pins for $2.00. The last thing I got was a febreze set and refresh which smells so good and it was $2.97.

This haul is from Target which I got Guardians of the Galaxy in blu-ray 3d, blu-ray, and digital hd for $19.99. I don't have 3d but wanted the digital copie and it was same price for just a blu-ray copie. I also got two of the reusable Christmas bags for a $1.00 each for Christmas presents.

Well that's it for these two hauls and I hope you enjoyed see them.

Until next time,

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