Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you about month worth of DT hauls.

This haul was all 50% off so they where $.50 because this was after Christmas. I got a bag of gift bows because they always get squashed this year we are putting them in these Christmas buckets for cookies so I got two one blue with Santa on it and a red one. I also got a  2 pack of little buckets in blue. I got a little train set which I been looking for and found it at the DT not close to where I live after Christmas but at lest I found it for next year. I also got three packs of gift boxes for cookies in ornaments, Christmas trees, and ginger bread men designs. The last two things I got was some gift tags.

In this haul I got 3 Royal tissues that is a 50 count which had more than the other brands they had. I also got two polishes the first one is called pepper mint glow in the dark which I love glow in dark polishes so I thought Id give it a try and if it does not work its a pretty blue. I also got a Maybelline Color Show Holographic in Mystic Green which I have been wanting forever so when I found it at DT I was so happy. I also got Assured fabric bandages which I really like. The last thing I got was a green water bottle which I love. I use it to make my ice tea and other instant drinks.

In this haul I just got two of the shoe containers in red and green to put my Christmas stuff in for next year.

In this haul I got another of the water bottles in blue because I love my green one and a bag of the Home style select old fashioned kettle cooked original potato chip which are my favorite from DT.

In this haul which was this week Friday. I was so happy to see more the dollar movies because last time they had some good ones. This time I found three that I had to get. The first one is for my dad and its Starship Troopers 3 because likes Starship Troopers and he does not have this one. I also got a double feature dvd with Life with Mikey and Father Hood which I remember watching as a kid. I also got Trail of Tears because I like learning about the native Americans and I took classes in college and thought I can learn more. I found more of the Scotch Duct Tape in a different design which is Blue Scales. The last thing I got was another bag of Home style select old fashioned kettle cooked original potato chips because I ate the other ones and they are so good.

Today I went to the DT Suite storage bag to put my Christmas Ugly sweater I made but was not really happy with it because it was spots where it was not sewined which had holes in it and it was a really thin plastic. It was not worth a dollar and I was not going to return it so I duct taped it. I will probably buy one from walmart when this one rips and it probably will. Anyways, I found another double feature dvd that I had to get which has Camp nowhere and baby secret  of the lost legend which I don't remember seeing. I also got five polishes by NYC which I been seeing and wanting but did not buy but today I went for it. I figured I can use them as a base color for stamping because they are NYC in the new york color minute quick dry and the colors I got are Tropicoral which is a pink-coral cream, Amazon Green that is a bright frosty teal green, Palm On The Beach is bright blue toned green, Jacaranda Flower is a grape purple cream, and Ocean Blue that is bright blue cream which looks like Sally Hansens original Pacific Blue. I believe all of these polishes are from the Samba collection so if missed out check your dt's. I found a E.L.F Eyeshadow "c" brush from the studio line which I never tried and I love the other e.l.f brushes so I'll give this one a try. The last two things I got was Scatter Rugs that kind of small but I though I use them as place mattes for my dog's food bowls.

That's it for now but I hope you enjoyed seeing my DT's hauls so far this month so far.

Until next time,

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