Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
Here are few hauls from before Christmas which I been wanting to post.

This haul I got sweet potato krisps for my dogs which is made in the usa and I try to buy things for my dog from the usa and not china. My dogs are really picky and the only one that liked them was my Boston terrier jack which is not picky and he loves them. I also picked up two nail polishes by Maybelline which I don't have and thought they where so pretty. The first color silvery bronze gray color called Metal Icon and the other color is a sequins which blue/teal glitters small and large called sea-quins which I did mani with and will try post soon.

This haul I only picked up one thing which is a herbal peppermint tea which is really good.

This haul I finally found the minani shadow eyez eyeshadow pencils. I git all of the colors they had which was 17 Plum Amour, 06 Royal Purple, 18 Romantic Violet, and 05 Aquatic Style. I was sad they did not have more colors and they had one of gold color but some one opened it :0(. I hope they get more colors in and more milani stuff because I love milani. I also got a deluxe foldable fan which I was wanting one these when I was the pirate fair and they wanted like $6 bucks for one and when I saw them at DT I was so happy and the black and blue one. I should of got more :0(. I got a cookie jar to put my revo lip balms in but its kinda small but I might get another one or see if they get bigger ones in. I got one of the cute Christmas tea light holder snowflakes. I was so happy to find a olaf figurine add to by Disney collection. The last thing I got was a pack of Vitamin C cough drops.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I haul from DT and let me know what you found at DT that you been loving that I might like.

Or if you have any questions at all :0)

Until next time,

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