Saturday, January 24, 2015

Big Lots Collective Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I know its been a while but after new years my mom found an really good deal for trip to Hawaii so my parents and I went it was so nice to go to Kaua'i which never been to before. So that where I have been and I probably going to post the things I got soon or later.

So back on track to what this post is about which is my two Big Lots hauls. I wanted to post it because this weekend they're having 20% off for Big Lots members and the second haul is from today which I 20% off each item.

This haul was after Christmas so I went to check out what they had left which was not much but I did find a Maybelline new york master drama chromatics eye liner in the color Turn On The Teal for a $1.00. Its just like the UD pencil liners and Milani's too so if you see these you must try them. I also got a pack of Candy Cane Pop Drops that wanted to try for $.50 because it was 50% off.

Today I went little nail polish crazy because I've been trying to not buy polish to save money for Christmas. Since Christmas is over and they where 20% off, I went for it. I got two of the two packs of Revlon polishes the first pack had Sassy which is a cream bright green polish which I don't have many of and the second one in the pack is Smoldering which a duo chrome polish which is a greenish sliver that shifts to purple. It reminds me of a O.P.I that I have might see if they are same. The second pack I got Ritzy which is a black jelly with small hex glitters in sliver and black with larger hex sliver glitter also. I have been wanting to buy this one but always passed and when I say Stacy from Polished Ways on youtube said that I must buy this one in one of her hauls from Big Lots so I did lol. The second polish in this pack was Whimsical which is a light blue jelly with medium and large hex glitter in pink and blue. I really don't like these kind of jelly's because they are hard to build up the color and takes forever to dry but its so pretty to pass up.  I might use it as topper on other polishes. I also looked up this polish and may bloggers say this a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air. The two packs of Revlon are $2.00 each which is $1.60 with 20% off and that would make each polish $.80 each which is awesome because they usually about $4.00 each. The last polish I got is Revlon colorstay gel smooth base coat which was $1.50 them 20% off it was $1.20. I never tried this top coat before and hope this is a good one. 

So that's it for now and if you want some good polish or makeup for a good price go this weekend to Big Lots you'll never know what you will find.

Until next time,

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