Monday, February 2, 2015

Walmart (after Christmas) Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I know this is kinda a old haul but I want to show you what I got after Chrismas at Walmart.

This first haul was when all of the Christmas stuff was 50% off.
The only thing I got that was not on sale was the Eqaute day time and night time medicine that was $10.47 which is a good deal for cough medicines. Ok on to Chrismas stuff. I got three bags of candy, Reese's mini, peanut butter M&m, peanut M&m and they were all $1.44 was $2.88. I finally found the candles everyone been saying where dupes for Bath & body works candles. So when I saw they were 50% off I had to get two of the Simmering Spice which smells like cinnamon and they were $2.48 originally $4.97. Then I found La colors lip balm sets that been wanting and figured I buy some for next year gifts or for birthdays. So got two each kind they had. They were $1.50 originally $3.00. I got Hard candy baked eyeshadow set that I was eye before Christmas and was happy they had one left. It was only$1.50 originally $3.00 for four baked eyeshadows. Score. I also got two of the hard candy single baked eyeshadows and they were $.50 each originally $1.00. The last two things I got was these cute tea light holders in Chrismas tree shape with green glitter and sliver glitter and they were only $.48 originally $.97.

This next haul was mostly dog Chrismas toys and few makeup items that was on sale for 70% off. I wanted to buy some dog stuff for my next year but even with 50% off they were still pricey for me because my dog jack brake them. So when I saw them for 70% I went a little crazy. The dog clothes I got was two snowman, one reindeer and the Pj's where $1.98  except for the pj's that was $1.48 and they where originally $7.97 and $5.97 which is a awesome deal for dog clothes. All of the Charterers heads the Santa, rein deer, snowman and the penguin where $1.48 originally $5.97. I gave the rein deer to jack and he loves it. He did not brake it like most toys. I also got smaller ones for the girls which are the penguin with ear muffs, snowman, hedgehog, rein deer with rope and stuffed bone. They were $.74 and the stuffed bone was $.23 originally $2.97 and $.94. I was so happy that found some good toys for my dogs for next year they were so happy for the ones a gave them and know they will love these. On to things I bought for me was a Olaf Blanked that been wanting and it was not on sale but I got it any ways it was only $9.99. I also got another bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo in tea light fully clean that I love and was almost out of for $4.00. I also got two items from the left over Chrismas makeup gift boxes and I found one of the flower gift set with the chubby shadow pencils that been wanting to try flower products so for $2.47 was a steal because the set was $9.88. I also got another LA color lip balm set for $.75 because it was the last one and I figured I would keep this one for me.

So that was all of the stuff I got after Christmas and can't wait to try of it and to give away to people next year.

I hope you enjoyed see my hauls and if you like tell what you got after Chrismas on sale and you been loving.

Until next time,

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